Terms of Use

Terms of Use – Outlines terms of use www.internet2.edu, including acceptance of terms, copyright, trademarks, warranty, and more.


Privacy – Describes the information Internet2 gathers about your web visits, and explains how that information is used.
Privacy – Event Registration – The policy presented to users during the online event registration process.
Registration Authority Privacy Policy (InCommon)

Non-Discrimination Policy

Events Code of Conduct

Internet2 Intellectual Property Policy

Internet2 Intellectual Property Policy – Includes the policy, the standard Apache 2.0 license, and an alternative Internet2 Intellectual Property Agreement.

Network Services Policies

Network Management
Acceptable Use
Network Flow Data Privacy Policy
Terms of Service – Researcher Access to Internet2 Anonymized Network Flow Data
Network Data Operational, Security and Research Stewardship Working Practice
IP Backbone Capacity Augment Practice
Business Continuity Practice
Response to DDoS Attacks
Internet2 Network Transit Security Policy
BGP Communities/Routing Policy
Network Connector Policy

Logo Usage Policies and Guidelines

Press Release Guidelines
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