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Campus Enterprise Access to AWS

The service connects your university to a community of practice that will help you scale your use of NET+ AWS.

The Internet2 NET+ AWS offering connects your university to a community of practice that will help you scale your use of AWS. Benefits include PO/billing management, as well as the additional cost management tooling to monitor spend. Also check out NET+ CloudCheckr for additional campus end user scale cost and security services.

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  • NET+ AWS offers:

    • A community of practice including calls multiple times a week on piloting, deploying, and documenting new feature sets as they launch (in particular, deploying AWS Organizations, Control Tower, Landing Zones, and Account Factory)
    • An aggregated community voice to test beta AWS features and provide feedback on community-specific needs
    • Community-developed resources including documenting lessons learned and KB articles on the NET+ AWS Service page
    • A community advisory board to steer overall program development
    • A pre-negotiated Enterprise Customer Agreement and Business Associates Agreement
    • Community-scale aggregate discounting and the ability to scale this as usage grows
    • The ability to selectively toggle on and off Business Level support with the Support Waiver feature
    • A dedicated rebilling team so you can provide multiple POs for your AWS accounts and the invoices are sent directly to the account holder
    • Integrated CloudCheckr functionality to provide near-realtime cost management insights and operational awareness of your AWS usage.

    To all members, Internet2 also provides:

    • data egress fee waiver
    • 800+ Gb of network peering between AWS and the Internet2 Network, accessable from most Regional Connector networks.

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