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Cloud technologies are constantly changing. Keep your toolbox up to date with CLASS.


CLASS is uniquely geared for the higher education community with the goal of empowering IT and research professionals to utilize state-of-the-art cloud computing and data science tools to accelerate the technical computing expertise on their campuses.

We provide in-depth cloud training and workshops designed to help the higher education and research community develop their skills.

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CLASS offer hands-on, learning experiences that helps higher education institutions move cloud forward.

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Internet2 collaborates with various industry partners to accelerate the adoption of cloud computing for research and higher education.

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CLASS aims to build a robust research and education community ready to move the cloud forward! Join us for webinars, deep dives, and cloud provider-led sessions to accelerate cloud adoption at higher education institutions.

What’s Happening in CLASS

Join our June 5 virtual workshop to discover the unlimited potential of GitHub Copilot for research software development. Sign up today!
Launched in 2021 by GitHub and OpenAI, GitHub Copilot has become one of the most widely adopted code developer tools worldwide. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to explore GitHub Copilot and discover how it can significantly improve your use of research software.

The “Power Up Research Software Development with GitHub Copilot” virtual workshop features interactive labs. Attendees will be able to use the generative AI developer tool with hands-on learning practice, all with higher education in the focus. You won’t find this level of interactive GitHub Copilot training anywhere else.


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