Services for Network Providers

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Layer 1 Service

Point-to-point 10, 100 & 400G links and flexible grid spectrum to support private network needs.

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Layer 2 Service

Take advantage of effective and efficient wide area 100 gigabit Ethernet technology.

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Layer 3 Service

For your IP network and peer exchange needs.

Rapid Private Interconnect (RPI)logo

Internet2 Rapid Private Interconnect

Rapid Private Interconnect (RPI) allows Internet2 connectors to present themselves for private peering at selected national peering locations.

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Cloud Connect (I2CC)

Use your regional’s infrastructure in conjunction with the Internet2 Network to reach cloud resources, including Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, Amazon AWS Direct Connect, and Google Cloud Platform Dedicated Interconnect.

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DDoS Mitigation Service

Our cloud-based, volumetric DDoS mitigation service was procured on behalf of the community.

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