Internet2 Solutions


Your role is to make IT work for your organization. Internet2 can help with network connections and speed, cloud services, and identity and access management software and services.

Cloud nebula


As a CIO, you make the decisions about your campus technology platforms and solutions. You improve operations, minimize risks, and adopt the cloud services needed for rapid adoption and performance. Internet2 is your trusted partner. We give you secure and easy access to the cloud, the nation’s fastest coast-to-coast research and education network (with related security and monitoring tools), and community-developed software for identity and access management and secure single sign-on.

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Researchers & Research Computing and Data Professionals

As a researcher, you don’t want to worry about whether you have the bandwidth to conduct your experiments or crunch your data. You want software and services that are collaboration-ready and secure. As a research computing and data professional, you need a community that provides you with resources and support to solve technology challenges and develop solutions to support research on your campus. Internet2’s Research Engagement program connects you to technology that supports your work.

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Minority Serving Institutions solutions

HBCUs, TCUs, HSIs and MSIs

Internet2 is working alongside the Minority Serving – Cyberinfrastructure Consortium (MS-CC) and American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) to ensure the equal participation of historically underserved institutions within both the U.S. and global research and education communities.

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Regional connectors

State and Regional Network Providers

Connectivity is now more important than ever. Internet2 provides the high-performance network you need to provide your constituents with access to secure broadband infrastructure, tools, cloud services, and community-developed software to succeed in a fast-changing environment.

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Executive leadership solutions

Executive Leadership

Higher education faces new changes and priorities. As an institutional leader, you need to ensure sound technologies and operations to stay competitive. Internet2 provides you with the right tools, infrastructure, services, and partners to help you navigate today’s challenges.

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Technical Community solutions

Technical Community

As an application developer or architect, you need to rely on a network, peering and cloud services, and identity and access management tools that provide a smooth transition of services. Internet2 is your link to the core infrastructure and your peers, so you can work collaboratively to help solve your campus’ technical challenges and grow professionally.

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Small institutions

Small Institutions

Small institutions are being asked to do more with less. Going it alone, you may not have the influence to shape future technologies. As a vital part of our community, your faculty, researchers, staff, and students benefit from our reliable, scalable, and secure research and education environment.

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