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Visualize, manage, and troubleshoot Internet2 network services with Internet2 Insight Console.

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Robust and Reliable Architecture

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Insight Console is a web-based user interface that provides Internet2 members with enhanced capabilities to self-manage Internet2 network services. It is the most visible part of a robust and reliable Internet2 architecture, including:

That architecture is embedded within a broad ecosystem that includes federated identity and access management with InCommon, telemetry, monitoring and alerting, incident management, service requests, business services, and more.

Insight Console Features

Illustration to represent Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Gain visibility and run supported commands on live, production Internet2 routers. Looking Glass replaces the Router Proxy.

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Visualize and manage organizations, roles, and people.

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Explore, discover, and manage the Internet2 Platform, I2CC, RPI, and other interfaces.

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Virtual Networks

Create and modify non-cloud and Cloud Connect connections.

Photo of user testing for the Internet2 Insight Console
Usability testing at the 2022 Internet2 Technology Exchange.

Community-Centered Design and Development

From a user-centered design process to extensive usability testing to continuous gathering of feedback and analytics – the Internet2 member community is at the center of our work to deliver Insight Console. Provide your feedback

Spotlight on the Migration to Virtual Networks

On Oct. 28-29, 2023, Internet2 migrated all non-cloud and Cloud Connect connections from the current OESS system and the Cloud Connect Portal to the new Virtual Networks feature within Insight Console. View frequently asked questions about the migration. Watch this video to explore the differences between OESS and Virtual Networks.

Whether you’re a network engineer, cloud architect, security analyst, or researcher, we continue to design, develop, and evolve Insight Console with you in mind.