Regional Research and Education Networks

Valued Partnerships and Collaboration

As a Research and Education regional network provider, your partnership with Internet2 means access to resilient and secure network services, high-performance connectivity, and collaboration benefits with other regional providers as well as a national community and infrastructure.

Internet2 Network Connectors

Internet2 Network Connectors are research and educational organizations connecting directly to the Internet2 Network. Many connectors are also Research and Education Network members.

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Research and Education Network Members

Learn about the advantages of being a Research and Education Network member, and see the full list of member institutions.

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State and Regional Network Providers

As an aggregator of network traffic, you play a critical role in the future of the advanced R & E network infrastructure. See the list of organizations that connect directly to the Internet2 Network.

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Primary Network Participants

Your organization chose to connect with the secure and powerful Internet2 Network to provide research and education opportunities. See the full list of organizations, including higher education, affiliates, and industry members, along with the connector for each organization.

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Connector and Network Member Principals

Home for Connector and Network Member Principals

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