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Research Engagement at Internet2 works to enhance global research computing and data capability (RCD), capacity, and resources to better support and advance research activity. We do this by providing consulting and training, facilitating a professional community to develop tools and best practices, and supporting RCD professionals as research partners.

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It just so happens we’ve been supporting collaborative research since our founding in 1996.

Internet2 helps researchers connect with a full spectrum of support services and technology. Let us help you understand and use the latest data infrastructure, cloud-based services, security, and network technologies to foster collaboration within our community. This includes offering one-on-one consultations and training to use services like the Internet2 Network, Federated Identity, Access Management, eduroam, and a variety of commercial cloud services tailored to higher education.

Our Mission

We believe researchers, regardless of domain, geography, or institution, should have access and support for the effective use of research computing and data tools, services, and resources.

Success Story: Pilot Earns $1.49M NSF Award

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Washington, D.C., June 7, 2021: With a focus on advocacy, training, and workforce development, a team from Harvard, Internet2, UC San Diego, and the University of Utah have been awarded a nearly $1.5 million, two-year grant from the National Science Foundation (NSF) to address these challenges.

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We understand the importance of community and collaboration. That’s why we engage with a number of groups like CaRCC.

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We’re here to help you with. your research needs. We have the support infrastructure to start your project off in the right direction.

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Leverage our expansive portfolio of learning opportunities to help you with your research.

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Research Funding Support

Need an advocate with a funding agency, a letter of collaboration, a report for a government agency or representative, grant consultation or assistance? Internet2 stands ready to help you succeed.

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