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Guiding Cloud Service Assessment

The Internet2 Cloud Scorecard helps research and education institutions quickly assess which new cloud services meet common requirements to operate in complex technology, security, compliance, and legal environments.

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Community Evaluation Tool

The range of available cloud services can quickly overwhelm your institution’s current practices for assessment and procurement. There is still a need for thoughtful cloud service evaluation and review to ensure we meet security, compliance, and technology requirements. The Internet2 cloud community designed the Cloud Scorecard to efficiently address this challenge.

How the Cloud Scorecard Can Help

The scorecard is a self-assessment completed by the vendor using standards and best practices developed within the research and education community. Your institution can use the scorecard standards to benchmark or evaluate services against key criteria. This cloud scorecard will complement existing capabilities and efforts within the Internet2 NET+ program. Interested vendors are also welcome to reach out to us to collaborate in the launch of this new program.

Cloud Scorecard and Directory Pilot

The Cloud Scorecard questionnaire, designed by higher education institutions, is now available for research and education institutions to use. We encourage you to evaluate how the Cloud Scorecard may assist in your service review and procurement process. If you have feedback on the questionnaire, please contact us.

We are excited to launch the Cloud Scorecard directory in pilot! Here you will find completed Cloud Scorecards available for your review. Launching as a pilot will help us validate interest from both research and education institutions and vendors while collecting important feature requests and use cases. If you are not an InCommon Participant and new to Internet2’s Collaboration Platform, you will need to enroll and register an account.

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