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Internet2 Insight Console



Take a Closer Look at Looking Glass: Internet2 Releases First Insight Console Capability

By Brian Cashman, Internet2 Network Planning Manager, and Christopher Green, Internet2 Digital Designer and Software Architect

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes We are excited to announce that the Internet2 Insight Console – a web-based console that empowers members to visualize, manage, and troubleshoot Internet2 network services – is now in production and available to the…


4 Things We Learned From a Community Test Drive of the Internet2 Insight Console at TechEX

By Christopher Green

We’re not testing you; you’re helping us test the software. So you can’t do anything wrong!  Christopher Green (left) and Brian Cashman of Internet2 talk through the usability testing process at the 2022 Technology Exchange. With that disclaimer setting the stage for unfettered clicking and unfiltered feedback, we invited community…


How Big a Deal is the Internet2 Insight Console?

By Amber Rasche

Estimated reading time: 6 minutes Part 1 of a Q&A with Mike Simpson, Internet2 Director of Network Systems and Software Mike Simpson, Internet2 Director of Network Systems and Software As the Internet2 community embarked on the Next Generation Infrastructure (NGI) initiative years ago,…