OESS and Internet2 Cloud Connect Portal Migrate to Virtual Networks in Late October

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By Linda Roos, Internet2 Senior Director for State and Regional Networks

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Virtual Networks is the newest feature coming to Internet2 Insight Console this fall.

Internet2 Insight Console logo

Virtual Networks will replace the existing OESS and Internet2 Cloud Connect Portal within an updated and expanded user interface that is integrated into the overall Insight Console experience. After the migration to Virtual Networks, network operators and engineers will use the new feature to configure and control dynamic virtual circuits, including cloud connections.

Watch the video describing the change from OESS to Virtual Networks.

Migration Scheduled for Oct. 28-29

Internet2 will migrate all currently active connections created using the OESS user interface (UI) and application programming interface (API) to Virtual Networks across the weekend of Oct. 28-29. During the migration, no physical connections will be moved and no outages are planned or expected – only the user interface will change from OESS to Virtual Networks. 

For one week prior to the migration, there will be a freeze on changes within OESS to prepare for the migration. After the migration, the Virtual Networks feature within Insight Console will serve as the user interface going forward for building new connections and modifying existing connections.

Internet2 will demo Virtual Networks and other Insight Console features at the Technology Exchange, Sept. 18-22 in Minneapolis.

Look for the demo desk at the event!

How to Prepare for the Migration

If you currently use OESS, here is how to prepare for the migration to Virtual Networks:

  1. In the next few weeks, Internet2 will send each OESS user a list of their connections, asking to verify which need to be available after the migration in the Virtual Networks user interface. When you receive your list of current connections, review and delete those no longer in use.
  2. Watch the video about the difference between OESS and Virtual Networks to prepare for the new user experience.
  3. Come see the Virtual Networks demo at TechEX, Sept. 18-22 in Minneapolis! The demo will be available Monday through Thursday.
  4. Get more information about Virtual Networks and the migration, including frequently asked questions, on the Insight Console webpage.

If you have questions, please email the migration team at oess-vn-migration-2023@internet2.edu.