Virtual Networks Migration FAQ

Have questions about the migration from OESS to Virtual Networks within Internet2 Insight Console? Find your answers here!

What is the full timeline for the migration to Virtual Networks?

The migration from OESS to Virtual Networks will occur across the weekend of Oct. 28-29, 2023. During the week prior, there will be a freeze on changes and new connections built in OESS to prepare for the migration. Beginning Oct. 30, 2023, the Virtual Networks feature within Insight Console will serve as the new user interface for modifying existing connections and building new ones.

What should I expect during the migration and what is the scope of services that will be impacted?

The migration will have no impact on connections that have been built using OESS – the connections aren’t being moved, and no outages are planned or expected. Only the user interface will change. After the migration, Virtual Networks within Insight Console will serve as the user interface going forward for modifying and building connections.

What actions do I need to take as a network operator to prepare for the migration?

Prior to the migration, Internet2 will send each OESS user a list of connections, asking to verify which will need to be available after the migration in the Virtual Networks user interface. When you receive your list of current connections, review and delete those no longer in use.

What if I need to make changes to my virtual circuits or cloud connections during the migration or during the week prior to the migration?

Starting one week prior to the migration, there will be a freeze on changes and new connections in OESS. If you have an emergency change request during this time, please contact the Internet2 NOC at

What should I expect of the new Virtual Networks experience after the migration is complete? What changes should I be prepared for and what documentation and resources are available to help me prepare for those changes?

You will be able to use the new Virtual Networks user interface in Insight Console to modify existing connections and build new connections. Documentation will be available within Insight Console, and training sessions and office hours will be offered after the migration.

What opportunities are available to explore and test Virtual Networks in advance?

Watch this video to explore the differences between OESS and Virtual Networks.

Internet2 will also demo Virtual Networks and other Insight Console features at the 2023 Internet2 Technology Exchange, Sept. 18-22 in Minneapolis. Look for the demo desk at the event Monday through Thursday!

What resources are available if I have additional questions before, during, or after the migration?

– For support, contact the Internet2 Network Operations Center.
– To manage your virtual network connections, go to and sign in.
– For documentation, go to
– To provide feedback or ideas for how Insight Console could be improved, go to