CIO Solutions

Supporting Your Mission

For nearly 25 years, Internet2 and CIOs have worked hand in hand to solve common challenges that no single institution could realize or fund on its own. With Internet2, you can leverage a national community and organization that solely exists to work for your needs.

Today’s Challenges

CIOs are facing multiple challenges — from the need to ensure the continuity and sustainability of campus services, to increasing productivity while needing to be flexible and agile at a moment’s notice. CIOs need trusted relationships with established partners who are focused on their success, especially in times of crisis.

How Internet2 Helps

Our technologies, solutions, and services are always optimized for what’s next. There’s a reason for that — they are developed by real people in the Research and Education community. People who are motivated to support the unique needs of R & E. Take comfort in the wealth of resources, connections, and services we provide to you and your institution.

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Higher Education Connections

U.S. colleges and universities form the core of Internet2’s membership.

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Internet2 Services

The Internet2 community works together to develop, vet, and provide services and software to meet the needs and requirements of research and education.

Cloud access

Internet2 Network

Internet2 Network provides performance, resiliency, and security that is demanded by the most advanced applications.

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Internet2 Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud solutions provide direct access to major cloud providers and feature secure and convenient single sign-on to services.

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Internet2 Security Services

Our Security Services are community-evaluated and include identity and access management services and software.

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Our community is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We collaborate to help solve challenges unique to the Research and Education community.