Small Institution Solutions

Your Platform, Your Community, Your Organization

No matter your size or mission, Internet2 gives your institution access to high-performance infrastructure that no single college or university can build on their own. You are part of an organization that is dedicated to serving your collective research and education needs.

Today’s Challenges

Colleges and universities are being asked to do more with less. Small institutions can and must remain agile and operate efficiently and securely by leveraging state-of-the-art technologies for remote teaching and learning. Resources are scarce and operational environments are evolving daily. Going it alone, small institutions may not have the influence to shape the future of network, cloud, and compute environments. However, by leveraging the scale and collaboration of a consortium, individual voices combine to be quite powerful.

How Internet2 Helps

The Internet2 community influences, customizes, designs, and operates the nation’s fastest and highest capacity research and education (R & E) network. We provide sophisticated cloud infrastructure and applications and comprehensive trust and identity services. This network and services are specifically designed to address the distinctive needs of R & E. That’s why Internet2 matters for colleges and universities.

If you are an Internet2 member or use our services, you are instantly part of a national organization that is dedicated to serving the collective needs of the R & E community. Your faculty, your researchers, your students, have infrastructure and services designed to support their work and education. And in return, your institution benefits from a technological environment that is reliable, scalable, and secure.

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Higher Education Connections

U.S. colleges and universities form the core of Internet2’s membership.

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Internet2 Services

The Internet2 community works together to develop, vet, and provide services and software to meet the needs and requirements of research and education.

Cloud access

Internet2 Network

Internet2 Network provides performance, resiliency, and security that is demanded by the most advanced applications.

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Internet2 Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud solutions provide direct access to major cloud providers and feature secure and convenient single sign-on to services.

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Internet2 Security Services

Our Security Services are community-evaluated and include identity and access management services and software.

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Our community is at the heart of who we are and what we do. We collaborate to help solve challenges unique to the Research and Education community.