Network Connector Policy

When a request to connect directly to the Internet2 Network is received by Internet2 from a member or prospective member that is not an Internet2 network connector:

  1. Internet2 staff will encourage the member/prospective member to discuss their networking requirements with the existing connector(s) in their geographic area. Within two weeks, Internet2 staff will contact the executive liaison of the connector and the requesting member/prospective member to review the request to help identify and encourage resolution of any issues that may prevent the member/prospective member and connector from working together.

  2. If, after those discussions, the member/prospective member and connector are unable to work together, or, if the member/prospective member and connector are unwilling to meet within a month of the staff request, Internet2 will inform its Network Architecture, Operations and Policy program advisory group (NAOPpag) and offer an opportunity for the NAOPpag (most likely through its chairs) to engage in conversations with the connector and requesting member(s)/prospective member.

  3. If, within ten additional weeks, the Internet2 staff and NAOPpag membership determine that the connector and the member/prospective member are unable to form a working relationship, the full NAOPpag will review the discussions and have an opportunity to advise Internet2 staff regarding whether or not to accept the new connection request.

  4. The Internet2 staff will then inform the current connector and requesting member/prospective member if they can offer the option of a direct connection to the Internet2 network to the requesting member/prospective member. 

Original version approved by Architecture and Operations Advisory Council (AOAC), March, 2008

Updated version endorsed by NAOPpag, January, 2020