Shibboleth Trademark Guidelines and Styleguide

Shibboleth® is a registered trademark of Internet2®. These policies and guidelines cover the Shibboleth wordmark, the main Shibboleth logo, specific applications of that logo—such as the “Protected by Shibboleth” mark—as well as other logos associated with the Shibboleth project. This site also provides guidelines and resources for using the Shibboleth trademark and logos

About Shibboleth

Shibboleth provides a standards-based link between existing campus authentication systems and resource providers of all kinds that makes it easier for users to gain, and resouce providers to control, access to protected Web resources.

Usage Policy and Goals

The prime goals of this policy are to ensure the continued value and integrity of the Shibboleth trademark and to promote awareness and adoption of Shibboleth technology by encouraging appropriate use of the trademark and logos.

You can do many things with the Shibboleth logos without the explicit permission of Internet2. However, there are also things you may not do without obtaining written permission. The Shibboleth trademark must always be used in ways that are non-confusing, non-diluting, and non-disparaging. Non-confusing means that use should not imply inaccurate affiliation with or endorsement by Internet2 or the Shibboleth team. Non-diluting means that use may not contribute to the mark becoming a generic term. Non-disparaging means that Shibboleth trademarks may not be used to defame or derogate

Please review the entire “Using the Shibboleth Trademark and Logo” (PDF) before using the Shibboleth trademark or logo.


Please contact for more information about, permission to use, or high-resolution copies of Shibboleth and associated trademarks.

Visual Styleguide

Please review “Using the Shibboleth Trademark and Logo” before using the Shibboleth logo or trademark.


Shibboleth logo and wordmark in B&W and color.

Shibboleth logo in B&W and color.