Press Release Guidelines

Issuing a press release enables your organization to leverage the visibility of your relationship with Internet2. Benefits to your organization as a valued member include:

Please read the following guidelines carefully before preparing a press release that involves the use of the Internet2 name, its members, initiatives and other news regarding Internet2. If, after reading these guidelines, you have further questions or need press release approval, please contact Sara Aly.

Press Release Guidelines at a Glance

Internet2 encourages its members to issue press releases about the member’s work with Internet2 and the advanced networking community. Examples include announcing a new membership, partnership or sponsorship opportunities available to other Internet2 members, or announcements relating to the progress or results of advanced networking projects within the Internet2 community. Please note:

All costs associated with the writing and distribution of press releases are the responsibility of the organization issuing the release unless arrangements are made prior to distribution. With few exceptions, Internet2 does not subsidize or fund costs associated with member press releases.

Obtaining an Internet2 Spokesperson Quote

If your organization wishes to include a quote attributed to an Internet2 spokesperson in a press release, please draft a quote with the key messages you wish to highlight regarding Internet2’s relevance to the announcement. Internet2 will review the quote and accompanying press release to attribute the quote to an appropriate spokesperson.

Referencing Internet2

Following are the guidelines for references to the Internet2 name. All communications involving the Internet2 brand must be consistent with the guidelines outlined below:

Internet2 Boilerplate Language

The “boilerplate” containing the approved Internet2 language must be used in all press releases referencing Internet2. The Internet2 boilerplate may not be modified in any manner.

About Internet2®

Internet2® is a non-profit, member-driven advanced technology community founded by the nation’s leading higher education institutions in 1996. Internet2 serves 332 U.S. universities, 58 government agencies, 46 regional and state education networks and through them supports more than 80,000 community anchor institutions, over 1,000 InCommon participants, 55 leading corporations working with our community, and 70 national research and education network operators that represent more than 100 countries.

Internet2 delivers a diverse portfolio of technology solutions that leverages, integrates, and amplifies the strengths of its members and helps support their educational, research and community service missions. Internet2’s core infrastructure components include the nation’s largest and fastest research and education network that was built to deliver advanced, customized services that are accessed and secured by the community-developed trust and identity framework.

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Internet2 Media Contacts:

Sara Aly, Senior Communications Manager

Amber Rasche, Senior Communications Specialist

Approval Process

All press releases with Internet2 references distributed by an Internet2 member must be submitted for review to the Internet2 Communications department at least five (5) business days before the announcement date. We regret that we cannot guarantee approval/turnaround with less than five business days’ notice from your organization.

Any member issuing a press release or announcement referencing Internet2 must have its public relations representative notify the Internet2 Communications department with the following information:

Requests for review may be submitted to Internet2 by contacting Senior Communications Manager Sara Aly.