Internet2 Registration Authority Privacy Policy

1. Scope

This statement describes and is limited to the privacy policy that governs the Internet2 (1) Registration Authority (RA). The RA, at the request of a relevant organization, contacts an individual in order to establish a level of assurance in his or her work-related identity and if appropriate to issue to that person a digital credential.

Please note that Web resources supplied and maintained by Internet2 and/or its related projects and services may offer links to external resources where this privacy policy does not apply. Online credit card transactions are not governed by this policy. Other information may be collected and used by other Internet2 services and websites, such as Web browsing statistics or personally identifiable information for attendance at conferences, and is out of this policy’s scope.

2. Data and Its Use

Only RA-authorized personnel have access to the secure database which houses the records of relevant individuals. Depending on a given individual’s role and service relationship, his or her email address may also be housed in an electronic mail distribution system to provide required and/or optional email communications. This work-related email address may be viewable to other third parties on the relevant email distribution list.

Since Internet2 is an open, membership-based organization which values collaboration, sharing, and open initiatives, this collected, work-related information may also be housed in a central database which is shared by other Internet2 projects. Some of the information in this central database is viewable by members of the broader Internet2 community. The RA will not enter personal information into the central database if specifically requested by the individual, in which case, the RA will house the requesting individual’s information only in its own secure database.

Under certain circumstances, the RA may disclose personal information if required to do so to satisfy any applicable law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request.

(1) The Internet2 Registration Authority is a service of Internet2’s single-member LLC, the Advanced Infrastructure for Research and Education LLC, whose purpose is to create and operate services, projects, and programs for the higher-education, research and education community that encourage the intra- and inter-institutional use of advanced Internet technology infrastructure.