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Grouper School, Back by Popular Demand

By Maya Gurarie, Digital Experience Specialist

The Grouper School was so popular last year that we will offer three sessions in 2022. Grouper is the enterprise group and access management system that is part of the InCommon Trusted Access Platform. With Grouper, you can share roles and audit who has access to resources. The upcoming training…


Catalysts Offer Unique Expertise, Meaningful Contributions to the InCommon Community

By Amber Rasche, Senior Communications Specialist

Just six months have passed since the InCommon Catalyst community partner program launched in June 2021. And evidence of the Catalysts’ deep, ongoing commitment to the InCommon community is already stacking up. Catalysts are industry leaders and Internet2 members that actively contribute to identity and access…


Grab Your Popcorn! Select CAMP Week Videos Now Available Through IAM Online

By Netta Caligari, InCommon Community Success Manager

Ready for an IAM movie night? InCommon + GÉANT’s 2021 CAMP Week is all wrapped up, but the party’s still going! To allow the broader community access to some of the incredibly insightful content from our virtual conference, we happily announce the release of three stellar presentations, ready to view…


News from the Grouper Project

By Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania and Chair of the Grouper Project

We’re excited to share recent developments in the Grouper project. Grouper is an enterprise group and access management system that simplifies access management by letting you use the same group or role in many places in your organization. Grouper is part of the…


The Time to Meet InCommon Baseline Expectations 2 Requirements is Fast Approaching

By David St. Pierre Bantz, University of Alaska / InCommon Community Trust & Assurance Board, and Albert Wu, InCommon Federation Service Manager

InCommon Participants established the InCommon Baseline Expectations for Trust in Federation in 2018 as a means to increase trust and interoperability among InCommon federation participants and to define what they expect of each other, and of InCommon Operations. The second iteration of Baseline Expectations (Baseline Expectations 2, or BE2) was…


InCommon Members Support NIH Security Measures

By Tom Barton, Internet2 Research Engagement

In the Fall of 2020, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that they were making changes to increase the security of many of their services to better protect the sensitive data shared with researchers. Among those are requirements for federated logins: Release Necessary User Information – Release the user…


midPoint Basics Training: Join Us Dec 7-10

By Erin Murtha, Director of the InCommon Academy

midPoint, the newest addition to the InCommon Trusted Access Platform, is a general-purpose identity management and governance system that can synchronize and reconcile among multiple systems of record and sources of identity. It can also provision and de-provision user accounts and groups…