Next Generation Infrastructure Project From 30,000 Feet

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By Rob Vietzke, Internet2 Vice President, Network Services

This is an incredibly busy and exciting time at Internet2 and we are delighted to share updates with you on many of the activities that are underway. I say “busy” because the shift from NGI planning to NGI implementation is now underway and includes not only updating infrastructure for the community but also rethinking the way it can be adopted to solve important community problems in science, cloud, automation, collaboration, and operating efficiency. Here are the latest updates:

The “exciting” part is the enormous opportunity we believe this presents and the growing engagement we have seen across the community in working on the business, technical and integration issues these opportunities present for all of us. Updating the infrastructure, the service models, and increasing cross-organization collaboration is an incredibly complex puzzle, but the feedback seems to be that we are on the right track and making progress.

It goes without saying that all of this is happening because of an incredible team of talented and productive folks at Internet2 and in the community who are working very hard to deliver on these promises. We are eager to hear your feedback on these updates and to talk more with each of you about what this means to each one of you as R&E networking partners.

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