Community Architects’ Workshop Attendees Support Leveraging Segment Routing and EVPN

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By Karl Newell, Internet2 Network Software Architect

At the Community Architects Workshop, there was affirmation to leverage Segment Routing and EVPN in the next generation network.  The community identified a few outstanding questions and an Internet2 staff team has been working on test plans to investigate those questions. The testing will take place during the remainder of this year. The team will also be coordinating lab site visits with potential hardware partners to test hardware capabilities of their next generation equipment with a focus on buffering and forwarding performance.

In early August, Internet2 released a Multi-Domain Service Orchestration Proof of Concept to a select group of partners. The goal is to determine the capabilities of orchestration platforms for delivering edge-to-edge services. The responses are due mid-October.

Another popular topic at the Community Architects Workshop was a community telemetry sharing effort. We can leverage the transparency within our community to share telemetry relevant to edge-to-edge performance for troubleshooting and reporting. Efforts are underway to draft a design and begin scoping with community input and engagement. During the Third National Research Platform conference in Minneapolis (September 24-25), a panel on Streaming Telemetry will be part of the program.

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