Layer 3 Services

For your IP network and peer exchange needs.

Layer 3 Services

Internet2’s Advanced Layer 3 Services (AL3S) offer IP network services and Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) services.

IP Network

Internet2’s IP Network delivers a strategic advantage for leaders in research and education (R&E). Due to its community based operations and constant collaborative evaluation and optimization, the Advanced Layer 3 Services offer leading-edge network characteristics to meet the constantly evolving needs of high-speed research and collaboration.

Internet2 Peer Exchange

Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) provides strategic connectivity to portions of the public Internet and peering relationships through over 80 select entities. Internet2 members have commercial traffic needs, too. Internet2’s commercial peering service offers a low cost path with higher performance goals than commercial alternatives. I2PX provides high performance, low latency, and efficient (1 hop) access to some of the top content destinations in the world including: Google, Yahoo, Netflix, and other commercial content providers. The service supports IPv4, IPv6 and multicast.

Included in the Internet2 Network Advanced Layer 3 Service fee, the peering service allows members to leverage their existing Internet2 Network connection investments to help serve their commercial Internet needs, with substantial savings on commodity Internet charges.

IP Network Services

The IP network is built across a carrier-class infrastructure and supports leading-edge IPv4, IPv6, multicast and other advanced networking protocols. It has the ability to easily and flexibly increase capacity. Internet2 members can take advantage of these advanced network services:

I2PX Services

Through the Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX), members can leverage their existing Internet2 Network investments to help serve their commercial Internet needs.

In addition to enhanced network performance and cost savings, I2PX allows Internet2 members to more efficiently adapt to innovative uses of network resources both inside of the Internet2 Network and out in the commercial Internet by providing high-speed access to network-intensive applications, such as interactive social networking and high-definition video, among others.

Currently, the service offers nearly 300,000 routes through peering partnerships with commercial networks. Additional private and public peering connections are being evaluated to further improve and diversify our commercial network peering infrastructure.

Internet2’s Advanced Layer 2 Services are available to:

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