Affiliate and Federal Affiliate Membership


Affiliates are non-profit organizations (excluding K-12 schools) that are research- and/or education-oriented; they are committed to being an integral part of the collaborative community that supports Internet2’s mission and goals. Non-profit organizations wishing to access the Internet2 Network must execute a Network Participation Agreement and pay the Network Participation Fee as applicable.

Federal Affiliates

This category includes Federal government departments, agencies, laboratories, and other like units. Internet2’s Federal Affiliates share in promoting and benefitting from Internet2’s mission and goals, and frequently are collaborators with Higher Education members, provide vitally important national data sources for scholarship, and have major research and scholarship efforts of their own.

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Member List

Find out which research and education organizations are Internet2 Affiliate and Federal Affiliate members.

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Membership Levels, Dues and Fees

Affiliate membership is divided into four levels. A member’s level determines its annual membership dues and network participation fees.

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