Global Networking and Partnerships

Supporting Global Infrastructure and Software

Supporting research collaboration at a global scale by providing connectivity, participating in multinational architecture collaborations, and supporting unique uses of next-generation global infrastructure and software.

Big science and research is increasingly a global collaboration between scholars, scientists, researchers, and students. Whether those teams are tackling infectious diseases, discovering the origins of the universe, or training the next generation of scholars, working seamlessly across the globe is essential to the success of their efforts. 

Through mutual agreements with similar organizations around the world, and participation in the architecture planning and advancement of global research and education networking efforts, Internet2 establishes ties that will help ensure the continued global interoperability of advanced networking, and enable collaboration between U.S. researchers, faculty, students and their overseas counterparts.

The set of networking services offered to support members’ needs to collaborate globally include:

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Guam–Singapore Connectivity Consortium

Providing critical capacity and resiliency in the network fabric that connects the R&E community across three continents: Asia, North America, and Oceania.

Network Services

North America — Research and Education Exchange

A collaboration to provide a high-performance experimental network service connecting global exchange points in North America.

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Advanced North Atlantic

A collaboration to facilitate and enable scientific collaboration across the transatlantic.

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Asia Pacific Oceania Network

Contributing resources to create a high-speed, trans-oceanic network services delivery system through major areas of the Asia Pacific Oceania region.

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Global Exchange Points and Consortia

List of U.S.-based international exchange points operated by Internet2 and community member organizations.

Cloud access

International Peers

Complete list of international networks reachable via Internet2’s peering relationships.