Feedback Requested: NET+ LastPass Major Program Update Coming

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By Nick Lewis, Internet2 Program Manager, Security and Identity

More campuses are looking to complement their existing information security and identity management efforts by adding the NET+ LastPass program, a trusted, easy-to-use password manager. The program has been growing for nearly five years, with 39 campuses now signed up. 

There have been many changes during the last five years at campuses, Internet2, and LastPass. This includes the recent acquisition of LogMeIn (LMI) by Francisco Partners and Evergreen Coast Capital Corporation, which we have discussed with LMI. To keep up with all of these changes, as mentioned in the June 2019 NET+ update, the NET+ LastPass program is now being updated.

We are sharing several program updates, action items for your campus, and a request for your feedback. Highlights include:

  • A draft of the updated NET+ LastPass agreement is ready for campus review. We have scheduled a townhall on April 7, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET to answer questions about the updated agreement. We look forward to hearing your questions and feedback.
  • All NET+ LastPass campuses will be transitioned to the updated program on their upcoming renewal. 
  • Pricing is increasing to align with product improvements and the market. This is the first pricing increase for LastPass services through the NET+ program in five years. Campuses will have a 5 percent price increase when they transition to the updated agreement.
  • If your campus would like to take advantage of the current lower pricing for a new NET+ LastPass subscription, your campus will need to sign-up for the NET+ LastPass program before April 27, 2020.
  • If you would like to be involved in the NET+ LastPass service advisory group or in a service evaluation for LastPass MFA or Identity, please let us know.

Changes to the NET+ LastPass Program

We are also updating the NET+ LastPass program, in part to streamline operations for campuses signing up and making payments for the services. Your LastPass experience will remain the same, but campuses will now enter into the updated NET+ LastPass agreement directly with LMI. As part of this, payments will be made to LMI directly. Additionally, along with the core LastPass Enterprise service, we’re now including new LastPass products — LastPass Identity and LastPass MFA — to the program.

When creating an updated NET+ LastPass agreement, Internet2 and LMI started with the most recent version of the template NET+ agreement, and added in NET+ LastPass terms. This template is based on the seven years of campus feedback from the legal, procurement, and information security communities.

We have worked through the necessary changes to reflect how LMI does business. As noted above, your experience using LastPass will be no different, as core features and functionality included in the NET+ LastPass program, including premium-as-a-perk for linking enterprise and personal accounts, weren’t changed.

Benefits of the Agreement

A comprehensive data security addendum is one of the benefits of the updated NET+ LastPass agreement. The old security language has been showing its age and, given the importance of keeping data in LastPass secure, this was a major program improvement. LastPass now has a SOC2 and Internet2 worked with LMI to complete a HECVAT for LastPass that has been posted on the Cloud Broker Index. Campuses will need to review the agreement’s new security addendum and related information security provisions.

We are also seeking campus feedback on a couple of other areas of the agreement. These areas include: indemnification (Section 4.1 and throughout the agreement); limitations of liability (Section 4.2); customer data (Section 7 and Exhibit H-Security Addendum); customer restrictions (Section 8.2); LMI’s additional representations and warranties (Section 10.2—specifically on the revisions to the language for Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act); and the LMI Privacy Policy, which addresses the usage and service data collected and used by LMI, and applies to all users (Exhibit C).

We would also like to get your feedback in regard to the 508/ADA compliance outlined in section 10.2. We have discussed this with LMI and this feedback will help them prioritize software development resources. The draft agreement was emailed to NET+ LastPass campus contacts for review and feedback.

Pricing Changes Coming

Pricing will increase for the first time in the five years of the NET+ LastPass program. Upon the transition, there will be a 5 percent price increase for campuses as specified in each campus’s current NET+ LastPass agreement.  

New campuses signing up to the updated program will see a 15 percent fee increase above the current pricing rate to align with changes in the market and improvements to LastPass. To take advantage of the current lower pricing for a new NET+ LastPass subscription, your campus will need to sign up for the NET+ LastPass program before April 27th, 2020.

Transition Plan

We will start to work with campus subscribers to transition to the updated agreement on their renewal once the new NET+ LastPass campus agreement is complete. Although the contract is changing, no technical changes need to be made by current subscribers for the transition. Upon a current subscriber’s transition, LMI will email the campus’s NET+ LastPass contact to ensure a smooth transfer to the updated agreement.

NET+ LastPass Service Advisory Group

A service advisory group was created to contribute to the future direction of the NET+ LastPass program. This group will drive future community engagement and provide program oversight. We will start meeting monthly as we form the advisory group and get it running. We will work on how to best engage with the community and identify future needs. If you would like to be included in this group, please let us know.

NET+ LastPass Service Evaluation for LastPass MFA and Identity

Here is another exciting update: LastPass has expanded and now offers an identity solution, which includes password management, single sign-on and multi-factor authentication. The new LastPass business lineup now includes LastPass Enterprise, which offers password management and single sign-on, LastPass MFA, which offers biometric multi-factor authentication, and LastPass Identity, which includes LastPass Enterprise and LastPass MFA in one solution.

NET+ LastPass Enterprise went through service validation before starting the NET+ LastPass program. We would like to perform a NET+ service evaluation for the new LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity products to formally add them to the program. If you would like to be involved in this service evaluation, please contact us by March 31, 2020, so we can begin the scheduling.

We Need Your Feedback 

NET+ programs are driven by the community, and therefore Internet2 needs and appreciates your feedback on the NET+ LastPass program updates. We are requesting campuses send us feedback on the update agreement by April 27, 2020, which will give campuses two months to review the updated agreement and provide feedback. We’ve scheduled a town hall on April 7th, 2020 at 2 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. CT/ 12 p.m. MT/ 11 a.m. PT for one hour to go over the updates and answer your initial questions.

Townhall Call-in Details

  • NET+ LastPass Community Consultation Call
  • Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/272109277
  • You can also dial in using your phone. (For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)
  • United States: +1 (872) 240-3212. One-touch: tel:+18722403212,,272109277#
  • Access Code: 272-109-277

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If you have any questions or feedback you would like to discuss during the town hall, please contact me to add it to the agenda. A copy of the agreement was sent via email to the NET+ LastPass campus contacts, but please contact us for an additional copy as needed. We also welcome any feedback via email! We will work with LMI on any feedback received to finalize the program.

Contact Us

An email will be sent to NET+ LastPass campus contacts to notify them of the upcoming change and ask for their engagement with the details outlined.

If you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please contact me with any questions!

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