NET+ LastPass Program Update on Transition to New Customer Agreement

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By Nick Lewis, Internet2 Program Manager, Security and Identity

The Internet2 NET+ LastPass program has 48 subscribers, showing the continued growth and interest among colleges and universities in offering school-sponsored password management to every person on campus.

We last announced a program update in February 2020, and while that took a turn like everything else did during the pandemic, it’s now back on track for campuses to sign-up and transition to the updated program. The NET+ LastPass program update was just completed after working through the last couple pieces of feedback from campuses.

In the rest of this blog, I’ll go over the updated program, how the transition is going to work for existing campuses, and share a preview of future plans.

Updates to the NET+ LastPass program
Earlier this year, we asked for campus feedback on the draft updated NET+ LastPass agreement and had a community call with 4 campuses to discuss their feedback. Internet2 and LogMeIn worked through the feedback and we produced the updated NET+ LastPass customer agreement that campuses will now start signing directly with LogMeIn.

As mentioned in February, pricing will increase for the first time in over five years of offering the NET+ LastPass program. During the transition, there will be a 5 percent price increase for campuses as specified in each campus’ current NET+ LastPass agreement. New campuses signing up for the updated program will see a 15 percent fee increase above the current NET+ LastPass pricing rate to align with changes in the market and improvements to LastPass. We should note that the LastPass price for Internet2 includes a significant discount for higher education institutions and remains well below the list price.

How the transition is going to work for existing campuses
Now that the updated agreement is complete, we will be sending a formal notice to all of the campus subscribers. This notice will ensure your awareness of the update and the need to transition to the updated agreement on your next renewal date if your campus would like to continue receiving the LastPass services through the NET+ program.

Campuses will need to transition to the new agreement with LogMeIn at their next renewal date. For some campuses, this may be during the next calendar year if they are currently signed up for a one-year agreement. For others, this may be over the next several years if they are signed up for a multiple-year agreement. LogMeIn will reach out to each campus with the updated agreement to start this transition approximately 3 months in advance of the renewal date. As a reminder, this transition will not require any technical changes by a campus.

Future plans
Future plans for the NET+ LastPass program prominently include increasing community engagement among NET+ LastPass campus subscribers, as well as starting a NET+ LastPass service advisory group. This group will help determine how to engage with and start building a community for campuses to share their experiences, ask questions of their peers, and see how other campuses are using NET+ LastPass. The NET+ LastPass service advisory group will also provide oversight of the program and engage with LogMeIn on the product roadmap for LastPass. If you would like to be included in this group, please get in touch and let us know.

NET+ LastPass Service Evaluation for LastPass MFA and LastPass Identity
We shared in our earlier update that LogMeIn now has 2 new products: LastPass Multifactor Authentication and LastPass Identity. We are still working on getting campuses engaged in looking at these new products. If you’re interested in participating, please let us know and we can discuss.

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