May 8-11, 2023 | Westin Peachtree Plaza | Atlanta, Ga.

2023 Internet2 Community Exchange

Thank you for joining us for the 2023 Internet2 Community Exchange! We are grateful for conversations, insights, and networking opportunities with you and the rest of the community. Please see our Program page for session presentations, which we are continuously updating!

Program Highlights

Writer Claire L. Evans Delivers Keynote

Claire Evans profile photo
Claire L. Evans

Claire L. Evans – thinker and maker whose diverse body of work explores ecology, technology, and culture – delivered the opening keynote at the 2023 CommEX

Evans offered an insightful social history of the women visionaries at the vanguard of technology and innovation who made the internet what it is today. Hidden in plain sight, their inventions and contributions touch our lives in ways we don’t even realize. Her talk, “The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the Internet,” was held Tuesday, May 9.

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Other CommEX program highlights include:

Network Services:

The program featured talks about reimaging inclusion, network modernization and automation, security, research support, and inspiring collaborations. Learn more about Advanced Networking sessions!

NET+/Cloud Services:

NET+ research, idea streams, challenges, and future projects were discussed among the leading voices within the cloud community’s academic and commercial sectors. Learn more about NET+ cloud program highlights.

Trust and Identity:

Marquee sessions focused on the future of InCommon; the value of currently available InCommon solutions; and how higher ed organizations can work better together are all on the conference schedule. Learn more about Trust and Identity sessions.

HBCU, TCU Leaders Take Center Stage for Closing Keynote:

Sandra Boham (Salish Kootenai College), Deshon Miguel (Tohono O’odham Community College), Joseph Whittaker (Jackson State University), and Urban Wiggins (University of Maryland Eastern Shore) delivered the closing keynote for 2023 CommEx. The panel discussion, “Reframing Our Perspective: Centering HBCU and TCU Voices to Reimagine a Stronger R&E Community,” was held Thursday, May 11.

Recognition of Internet2 Inclusivity (I2I) Scholarship Recipients:

The seven scholarship recipients were recognized on Tuesday, May 9, at the I2I lunch session, “CIO Strategies for Overcoming Gender Bias Obstacles in IT Organizations and Guidance for Men Who Want to Help Remove Them.”

Collage of the 2023 I2I scholarship recipients

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