2023 Internet2 Community Exchange | May 8-11, 2023

2023 Internet2 Community Exchange Program

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The 2023 Internet2 Community Exchange program includes expert-led sessions with exciting content, working meetings, and co-located events from the May 8-11 event held in Atlanta, Ga.

The program reflects research and education’s most pressing challenges and promising solutions, with topics submitted and presented by the community for the community. Follow the links to view each day’s sessions.


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7–6Registration Desk8th Floor Terrace
8–12Get Started with Network Automation Workshop
(separate registration required)
AbstractAugust 1 (7th Floor)
8:30-10Community Anchor Program (CAP) Meeting Abstract | PresentationSteven Wallace
director of Routing Integrity, Internet2
Chastain D (6th Floor)
10–12 pmConnector/Network Member PrincipalsAbstractChastain E (6th Floor)
12–5Leadership Exchange
(By invitation only)
Savannah A/B/C (10th Floor)
1–5Automation with Cisco Network Services Orchestrator Workshop
(separate registration required)
AbstractAugusta 1 (7th Floor)
1–5Southern Crossroads (SoX) Meeting (Invitation Only) Abstract | PresentationSteven Wallace
director of Routing Integrity, Internet2
Chastain F (6th Floor)
1–4:30How to Ensure No Detours via RPKI-ROA and eBGP Route Policy Workshop
(separate registration required)
Abstract |
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Steven Wallace
director of Routing Integrity, Internet2

Jeff Bartig
senior Interconnection Architect, Internet2
August 2 (7th Floor)
2–5Arin Information DeskAbstractAugusta Foyer (7th Floor
5–6:30Welcome ReceptionAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)


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7–6 pmRegistration Desk Open8th Floor Terrace
7-8:30BreakfastAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
7–8Internet2 ERPAG MeetingAbstractChastain D (6th Floor)
7:30-8:30 NAOPpag Meeting AbstractChastain G (6th Floor)
8:45-10 Opening Keynote: The Untold Story of the Women Who Made the InternetNews ReleaseClaire L. Evans, co-founder of Terraform, VICE’s hub for speculative fictionPeachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
10-10:30 BREAKAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
10–5ARIN Information DeskAbstractAugusta Foyer (7th Floor)
10:30-11:45 What is Happening in Network Services?AbstractJames Deaton, vice president, Network Services, Internet2Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
IAM Modernization: Hear About SuccessAbstract | PresentationMandi Witkovsky, Purdue University
Charise Arrowood, Unicon
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
The Gender Gap in Tech Abstract | View PresentationMissy Gansen, Grinnell College
Dave Robinson, Grinnell College
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
Collaborations in Information SecurityAbstract | PresentationCharles Connor-Rondot, REN-ISAC
Nick Lewis, Internet2
Paul Howell, Internet2
Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
11:45-1:15LUNCH & Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Presentation: CIO Perspectives – Strategies for Overcoming Gender Bias Obstacles in Higher Education IT OrganizationsAbstractAna Hunsinger, Internet2
Mike Erickson, Internet2
Steve Burrell, VP IT and CIO at Northern Arizona University
Chastain H (6th Floor)
11:45-1:15LunchAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
11:45-1 Joint Engineering Team (JET)AbstractChastain J (6th Floor)
12–1 DDos Service & Application Security
Join Internet2 and Radware for updates on our DDoS Mitigation service and a discussion about application security
AbstractChastain E (6th Floor)
NET+ & Trust and Identity Community Leadership (Invitation Only)AbstractChastain D (6th Floor)
12 –4MS-CC HackathonChastain F (6th Floor)
1:15-2:30Private 4G/5G Wireless Networks BoFAbstractChastain C (6th Floor)
Network Services: Insight Console, Automation and Networking for CloudAbstract | PresentationGeorge Loftus, Internet2
Karl Newell, Internet2
Mike Simpson, Internet2
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
Remote Instrument CollaborationAbstract | View PresentationMaureen Dougherty, Ecosystem for Research Networking
Amy Cannon, Omnibond
Chastain 1 (6th Floor)
CIO Perspectives on Federated Cybersecurity for NIH Research: A Panel Discussion Abstract |
Presentation 1
Presentation 2
Presentation 3
Mike Tartarkovsky, CIO, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH

Dr. Rebecca Rosen, director, Office of Data Science and Sharing, NICHD/ NIH

Jeff Erickson, director, Identity and Access Management Services, NIH
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
eduroam and K12AbstractMike Zawacki, Internet2Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
2:30-3BREAKAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
3-4:15Tackling Storage Challenges Together Abstract | View PresentationHellen Zzwiwa, Harvard University
Dana Voss, Internet2
Chastain 1 (6th Floor)
Democratizing Compute at All Scales AbstractVas Vasiliadis, University of ChicagoPeachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
CI Strategic Planning at Tribal Colleges Abstact | PresentationWendy Huntoon, AIHEC CI Team Lead
Al Anderson, CIO, Salish Kootenai College
Chad Davis, CIO, Turtle Mountain Community College
Paul Schopis, AIHEC Consultant
Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
Zero Trust & RBAC Trends & VendorsAbstract | PresentationJelene Crehan, University of Illinois-Chicago

Jonathan Young, Vantage Technology Consulting Group

Jacqueline Pitter, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Yellowstone’s Geysers Chamber Music AbstractDomenico Vicinanza, GEANT and Anglia Ruskin University
Alyssa Schwartz, Fairmont State University
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
4:30-5:30Sponsor Happy HourAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
5–6:30Connector/Network Member BoF (Invitation Only)Abstract | PresentationChastain D/E (6th Floor)


All events are on Eastern Time

7–6Registration Desk Open8th Floor Terrace
7–8:30BreakfastAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
7–8Cloud Storage Challenges and OpportunitiesAbstractChastain E (6th Floor)
7-8:15 New to Internet2? Need a Refresher? Join this Internet2 Welcome and Overview!AbstractAnn Doyle, Internet2
Gail Krovitz, Internet2
Chastain G (6th Floor)
8:45-10Network Connectivity in Rural AreasAbstract | PresentationAshley Henry, University of GeorgiaAugusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Internet2 Network: Routing Integrity, International Networking, Core Network TechnologiesAbstract | PresentationSteve Wallace, Internet2
Chris Wilkinson, Internet2
Chastain 1 (6th Floor)
Research IT Strategic PlanningAbstract Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
Who Helps When Disaster Strikes AbstractAndrew Gallo, George Washington UniversityPeachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
Aiming High: I2’s Five-Year RoadmapAbstractAna Hunsinger, Internet2
Michael Erickson, Internet2
Howard Pfeffer, Internet2
Kevin Morooney, Internet2
James Deaton, Internet2
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
9–4MS-CC Hackathon Chastain F (6th Floor)
10-10:30BreakAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
10:30-11:15A Nordic Vision for Arctic ConnectivityAbstractValter Nordh, NORDUnetChastain 1 (6th Floor)
10–5ARIN Information DeskAbstractAugusta Foyer (7th Floor)
10:30-11:45Conquering IT Governance Together Abstract | PresentationDr. Steven Burrell, Northern Arizona University

Erin Murtha, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Beth Rugg, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Damian Doyle, University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Enabling Trust for Communities Abstract | PresentationMaarten Kremers, SURFChastain 2 (6th Floor)
EPOC Support to Share and CollaborateAbstract | PresentationJennifer Schopf, University of Texas-Austin

Forough Ghahramani, NJ Edge, Inc.

Doug Jennewein, Arizona State University

Jason Zurawski, Esnet
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
MS-CC: Bridging the Digital DivideAbstract | PresentationAl Anderson, Salish Kootenai College

Bobby Clark, Clemson University

Dr. Deborah Dent, Jackson State University

Dr. Urban Wiggins, the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Joey Brenn, Claflin University
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
11:15-11:45Bridging the Digital Divide in the EaP RegionAbstract | PresentationChastain 1 (6th Floor)
11:45-1NTAC Network Automation SIGAbstractChastain I (6th Floor)
NET+ Service Provider Collaboration AbstractChastain E (6th Floor)
11:45-1:15LUNCH & Working MeetingsAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
12–1eduroam BoFAbstractChastain H (6th Floor)
Network Security BoFAbstractChastain G (6th Floor)
IPv6 & US Cybersecurity StrategyAbstractChastain D (6th Floor)
The Americas Research and Education Networks (AMREN) meetingAbstractChastain J (6th Floor)
1:15-2:15BPLAC Meeting Abstract Chastain J (6th Floor)
1:15-2:30Scaling Instrument Science AbstractVas Vasiliadis, University of Chicago Chastain 1 (6th Floor)
Building a Cohesive Cloud Community Abstract | PresentationDamian Doyle, University of Maryland-Baltimore County
Sarah Christen, Cornell University
Bob Flynn, Internet2
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
Advancing Digital Equity: Roles for Research & Education InstitutionsAbstract | PresentationAaron Schill, National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA)Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
HECVAT 2023 UpdatesAbstract | PresentationNick Lewis, Internet2Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Partnerships in Action, Globally Abstract | PresentationAlex Bushell, CANARIE
Jimena Mejia, RENATA
David Felipe Otavo Ricaurte, RENATA
Clayton Reis da Silva, RNP
María José López Pourailly, RedCLARA
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
2:30-3BreakAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
3-4:15Making Intelligent Use of Cloud Services AbstractSean O’Brien, Internet2Chastain 2 (6th Floor)
InCommon Futures 2.0AbstractMarc Wallman, North Dakota State University,
Kevin Morooney, Internet2
Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Infrastructure as Code for Security AbstractShane Albright, REN-ISACPeachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
Federated Authorization: Next Steps Abstract | PresentationBeth Vanichtheeranont, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Keith Wessel, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
5–7MS-CC Reception
(Separate registration required)
Savannah A/B/C (10th Floor)
6–7The Higher Education Cloud Forum Reception (separate registration required)Learn more about The Cloud ForumChastain H (6th Floor)


All events are on Eastern Time

7–2:30Registration Desk Open8th Floor Terrace
7-8:30Breakfast & Working MeetingsAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
7–82023 Community Exchange Program Committee Debrief AbstractChastain I (6th Floor)
7–9 p.m.The Higher Education Cloud Forum (separate registration required)Learn more about The Cloud ForumOffsite
7:30-5MS-CC Annual Meeting
(Separate registration required)
Savannah A/B/C (10th Floor)
8:45-10Unity: Federated HPC Cluster Operations Abstract | PresentationChristopher Misra, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Dave Marble, OSHEAN
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
Orchestrating Service Automation Abstract | PresentationMaria Isabel Gandia, CSUC
Ivana Golub, PSNC
Pavle Vuleti, AMRES
Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
History and Future of the Northern Tier AbstractMarc Wallman, North Dakota State University
Matt Riley, University of Illinois-Chicago
Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Enabling RPKI Abstract | PresentationJohn Sweeting, ARINChastain 2 (6th Floor)
Which Solution? Addressing HE Use Cases AbstractLaura Paglione, Internet2Chastain I (6th Floor)
10-10:30BreakAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
10–1ARIN Information DeskAbstractAugusta Foyer (7th Floor)
10:30-11:45Open OnDemand & CloudyCluster CollaborationAbstract | PresentationBoyd Wilson, Omnibond

Alan Chalker, Ohio Supercomputer Center
Peachtree 1/2 (8th Floor)
Navigating the Future of Intercontinental Connectivity Abstract | PresentationTom Fryer, GEANTChastain 2 (6th Floor)
Securing Research TogetherAbstract | PresentationDana Voss, senior program manager, Internet2

Tryphaena Hooper JD, executive director, Privacy Program Services, Drexel University

Monet Harbison, associate director, Privacy, Drexel University

Molly Cooper, Ph.D., BISO, LabArchives and professor of Cybersecurity

Kip Locke, vice president of sales, LabArchives
Augusta 1/2 (7th Floor)
Autonomic Network Functions for ScienceAbstract | PresentationJulio Ibarra, Florida International UniversityPeachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)
11:45-1:15Lunch & Working MeetingsAugusta Ballroom (7th Floor)
12–1NET+ and Cloud Vendor Risk ManagementAbstractChastain D (6th Floor)
1:15-2:30Closing Keynote: Reframing our Perspective: Centering HBCU and TCU Voices to Reimagine a Stronger R&E CommunityAbstractSandra Boham, president of Salish Kootenai College

Deshon Miguel, director of information technology at Tohono O’odham Community College

Joseph Whittaker, vice president for research and economic development/associate provost at Jackson State University

Urban Wiggins, vice provost for decision science and visualization at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Peachtree Ballroom (8th Floor)


All events are on Eastern Time

8–3AWS Game Day
(separate registration required)
AbstractChastain F/G (6th Floor)
9 –12Is Private LTE Right For Your Campus? (Separate Registration Required)AbstractChastain D (6th Floor)