Convene Virtually, Connect Globally

TechEXtra offers a wide selection of opportunities for the technical community to convene virtually through small bites of the TechEX experience that we call TechEXtras. TechEXtras will be scheduled throughout the rest of 2020 and into 2021, as needed.

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TechEXtra: CAMP and Advance CAMP

This Nov. 16-20 event is a venue for identity architects, developers, and implementers to explore and discuss topics of broad interest to the community.

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TechEXtra: Technical Tutorial for Users of the Cloud Connect Portal

This Dec. 3 tutorial is or all Cloud Connect users who want to understand the technical details of using the Cloud Connect portal to connect to AWS Direct Connect, Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute or Google Cloud Platform Partner Interconnect.

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TechEXtra: Continuous Integration & Delivery

This Dec. 8 event provides a detailed view of the software development tools and processes Internet2 is using to manage the Internet2 Network and deliver services.

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Past Event: TechEXtra: Route Origin Validation in the Cloud

This Nov. 12 webinar describes the experience of putting Route Origin Validation (ROV) in the cloud, the issues we found in getting it to work in our network, and provide an overall summary measurement.

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Past Event: TechEXtra: perfSONAR Day

On Nov. 2 participants discussed the progress being made to enhance existing perfSONAR tools around the world.

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Past Event:
TechEXtra: Internet Routing Registry Cleanup for Peering

During this Oct. 22 event participants reviewed the progress made by the community to update Internet Routing Registry (IRR) information for I2PX’s routing policy.

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Past Event:
TechEXtra Kickoff

This two-day virtual event held Oct. 6-7 featured keynote speakers and covered a wide selection of topics, from the cloud to scalable network opportunities to network infrastructure.