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Automation and Orchestration No Longer a ‘Nice to Have’ for Internet2’s Next Generation Infrastructure

By Amber Rasche

Chris Wilkinson and Karl Newell Chris Wilkinson is the network services director of planning and architecture at Internet2, and Karl Newell is the network software architect at Internet2. In this Q&A, Chris and Karl discuss how software-driven automation and orchestration sets Internet2’s Next Generation Infrastructure apart from any previous version…


Coming Soon to I2PX: Direct Peering with Cloudflare

By George Loftus, Internet2 Associate Vice President, Network Services

Recent news that Cloudflare will soon offer storage with no egress fees is likely of great interest to many in the research and education community.  To support researchers and others at Internet2 member organizations with large storage needs, we are already in discussions with Cloudflare regarding community access through…


Internet Pioneers, Leaders Convene to Commemorate NSFNET 35th Anniversary

Virtual celebration will feature luminaries from public and private sectors celebrating NSFNET’s contributions and sharing outlook for the future of the internet. WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 4, 2020 – Internet2 and the Internet Society will host a free, public virtual celebration on Tuesday, December 8 at 1 pm ET to…


Internet2 Network Upgrades Support Research and Education and Cloud Traffic

By Linda Roos, Internet2 Senior Director, State and Regional Networks Internet2 continues to make incremental upgrades across the Internet2 Network. During the summer of 2019, many upgrades were made to the Network to support R&E and cloud traffic. Peering upgrades include 100G connections to Google in both Equinix Chicago and…