In the Media: Q&A with Internet2’s Kevin Morooney and Sean O’Brien Published in Campus Technology

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Kevin Morooney and Sean O’Brien

As Internet2 celebrates its 25th anniversary this year, the NET+ program is also commemorating a big milestone: 10 years since the initiative was launched by a group of Internet2 member universities who realized the need to develop a collaborative strategy around the rapidly expanding cloud offerings.

Campus Technology recently interviewed VP of Trust and Identity and NET+ Programs, Kevin Morooney, and Director of NET+ Cloud Services, Sean O’Brien, to learn about the evolution of the NET+ program over the last 10 years in supporting Internet2 members in their cloud adoption journey.

“We work with some of the largest corporations in the world, and that’s helpful to both higher education and to the vendors who are hearing from higher education with one magnified voice through NET+ — advocating for features, advocating for functionality, and talking about compliance. NET+ leverages the scale of the Internet2 membership to do this work: to do it once, do it well, and serve many. That’s really the secret sauce.”

—Sean O’Brien

“We are using a very old skill, one that’s existed in higher education even before Internet2, of learning from one another. It’s just part of the ethos of working in a non-profit, especially higher education. Internet2 has become an engine for enabling that peer learning. Internet2 NET+ has successfully built out that capability: the environment that puts our members and our subscribers in a position to learn from each other. In the context of Internet2, peer learning is a scaling factor, a force multiplier for helping people understand how to build their cloud roadmap.”

—Kevin Morooney