NET+ Cloud Services: Nitty Gritty =  Manage Risk and Maximize Opportunity

You can get leading cloud services on your own. Or, you can get those same services – configured specifically for research and education (R&E). This is one of the most popular sentiments from long-time NET+ subscribers and supporters. Leading universities around the country created Internet2 NET+ for leverage in the…


Splunk Cloud Added to Internet2 NET+ Splunk Program

Working in collaboration with the NET+ Splunk Service Advisory Board, Splunk, and Carahsoft,  Internet2 NET+ Cloud Services has added Splunk Cloud to the NET+ Splunk Program.  The group worked together on terms specifically negotiated for the research and education community. The cloud bundles and pricing are unique to the program…


And the Survey Says: Implementation of MFA Now More Commonplace

I’m not sure how many of you remember 2020, but most of it is a blur for me. In 2019, the NET+ Duo Service Advisory Board decided to conduct a multi-factor authentication (MFA) Community Survey to better understand how their peers used MFA and then build on the results to…