NET+ Cloud Services: Nitty Gritty =  Manage Risk and Maximize Opportunity

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By Nick Lewis - Internet2 Program Manager

You can get leading cloud services on your own. Or, you can get those same services – configured specifically for research and education (R&E).

This is one of the most popular sentiments from long-time NET+ subscribers and supporters. Leading universities around the country created Internet2 NET+ for leverage in the cloud services industry – to optimize the terms, pricing, features and functionality, technical integration, security, and compliance requirements R&E institutions need for smooth deployment of leading cloud services.

Because peers have evaluated and optimized NET+ services, R&E institutions can manage risk, maximize opportunity and implement services quickly. Here are just a few ways that happens:

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Manage RiskMaximize Opportunity
Rest assured that peers have performed quality control and due diligence for pre-negotiated key contract termsSave time, effort, and cost to invest more resources in strategic initiatives
Learn from the work, discoveries, and challenges of other leaders and institutionsGain a competitive edge by providing services faster
Limit your security, accessibility, and funding risksLeverage the scale of the broader R&E community to align specialized skills from different institutions
Avoid vendor lock-in with better out clauses and data ownership termsDrive competition among cloud services providers and improve R&E terms
Don’t get caught off guard as market dynamics changeRely on community expertise and ensure service customizations for R&E are achieved

There are so many more ways NET+ is designed to help subscribers do more, do better, and do faster in the cloud.