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What does the new agreement look like and how is it different from the previous Internet2 NET+ DocuSign contract?

The Internet2 NET+ DocuSign service offering has been in existence since March 2015, and had an initial term of three years. Several months of recent collaboration between Internet2, the NET+ DocuSign Advisory Board, and DocuSign resulted in mutual agreement to continue the partnership for 5 (five) years. The pricing model was changed effective May 1, 2019 and a new set of terms and conditions was recently finalized.
The new agreement went into effect on November 15, 2019, and it removes Internet2 from the purchasing and transaction flow and updates pricing and product offerings. Some of the key contractual terms and conditions that participating institutions have today have been maintained while others have been renegotiated. The new contract is similar to the structure used with DocuSign’s other public-sector business, including the use of channel partner(s), to provide additional ease and flexibility to member institutions when procuring.

What role does Carahsoft play?

Carahsoft is the sole reseller for NET+ DocuSign. Carahsoft specializes in contracting of cloud technology. By introducing Carahsoft as the fulfillment partner, we will be able to more efficiently facilitate quoting, contracting, and billing. Additionally, Carahsoft holds many competitively awarded cooperative contracts at the state and federal level, allowing institutions to subscribe to DocuSign under the Internet2 NET+ pricing program while fulfilling state-mandated purchasing regulations. Adding Carahsoft makes it possible for campuses to request responses to RFPs. Carahsoft intends to respond directly to campuses that require an RFP.

Who do I sign a contract with for DocuSign services?

Effective November 15, 2019, new customer contracts or renewal of existing contracts will be signed with Carahsoft, acting as a reseller for DocuSign, on terms negotiated with DocuSign. It is similar to the structure used with DocuSign’s other public-sector businesses to provide additional ease and flexibility to member institutions when procuring.
The contracting process for campuses with Carahsoft will require a campus to enter into two separate documents: a Master Services Agreement (MSA) and a Reseller Service Order between the campus and Carahsoft. For any questions about your campus’ renewal, please work with your DocuSign account representative or contact the Carahsoft team directly at

What Key Contractual Provisions have been pre-negotiated for Higher Education?

The following is a list of contractual provisions in the DocuSign MSA that were negotiated on behalf of the community:Pricing, discounts, and billing: While the pricing has increased significantly since the now expired contract between Internet2 and DocuSign from 2015, the pricing being offered to the NET+ community is significantly more advantageous than outside of the Program. [Additionally, we have negotiated specific terms to address aggregating affiliated entities in the higher ed community, which was a key point when campus customers order “unlimited” envelopes for a subscription program.] A unique benefit are the ramp pricing options for new as well as existing customers transitioning to Carahsoft

Product Offering: At the core of the Program is DocuSign’s cloud subscription services, which is offered on a full deployment basis or by envelope package. Unlimited envelopes included in the enterprise license is a unique benefit of the program. In addition, under the Program, customers can order optional services, such as Retrieve, as well as professional services, which may include integration and deployment consulting. All of the packages offered include a base level of customer service.

Accessibility: language requiring compliance with current standards and expressing DocuSign’s commitment to work towards the higher ed community’s standards and any new federal or state standards during the term;

Data Notification / Remediation Costs: In the event of a data breach, DocuSign will provide coverage of certain data notification costs regardless of whether an insurance or indemnification claim is ripe.

Customer data: FERPA covenant, including agreement by DocuSign to be bound as a “school official;”
GDPR covenant, will at a minimum maintain a certain level of compliance, notwithstanding a future modification or amendment to the the DocuSign privacy policy; standard for when BAA required, and that BAA will, at a minimum, contain a compliance with laws covenant and an insurance covenant;
provisions addressing DocuSign’s obligations to retain customer data in compliance with the campus’s state law obligations and DocuSign’s obligations to assist in the transfer of data following the expiration or termination of a term; and

Confidentiality: specific exclusions to DocuSign’s standard confidentiality provision that allow campuses flexibility to respond to FOIA and similar requests;

State law, governing law, forum: for all customers, the law of the state in which the main campus is located will govern, and that state’s courts have jurisdiction; this standard applies notwithstanding any other statement in any other policy or service schedule for specific services.

Representations and Warranties: multiple representations and warranties added to the DocuSign form, including regarding compliance with laws and specific higher ed requirements.
Indemnification and Limitations on Liability: the terms offer mutual limitations on liability and indemnification rights between Customer and DocuSign and the Reseller Service Order provides for mutual limitations on liability and indemnification rights between Customer and the applicable reseller.

What if I just want to add services to my existing contract?

Internet2 will continue to service existing agreements until they expire. Additional features/options to existing subscriptions may be added by contacting the Internet2 team at

What if my campus needs to go out to RFP to change the contract for DocuSign?

Like in the original program, Internet2 and DocuSign have developed a custom offering and will not respond to RFPs. However, the new agreement structure supports the use of Carahsoft as a channel partner who may choose to respond to an RFP.

Which universities have assisted with the new DocuSign contract?

Members of the NET+ DocuSign Executive Advisory Board (EAB) have participated in the negotiation, review, and validation for the campuses. The EAB is comprised of representatives from The Ohio State University, University of Washington, University of California–San Francisco, Oregon State University, University of Nevada–Reno, and University of Maryland–Baltimore County.

What role will Internet2 play and what will happen to the NET+ program elements of the program?

Internet2 is working with DocuSign and the service advisory board to align on a path for the NET+ program elements such as community email and interaction (community forum), town hall events and other activities to continue to be supported. Please send any ideas you have to enhance this area of the program to Dana Voss at

Will anything change with the BAA?

DocuSign has a template BAA and will work with your institution to execute a BAA.

Existing Subscribers as of November 15, 2019

When did the new contract become effective?

The new contract between Internet2, DocuSign and Carahsoft became effective on November 15, 2019.

Is the price changing?

Pricing has changed effective May 1, 2019.

How does this change impact me?

At the end of your term, you will need to move to the new contract and execute a new agreement with Carahsoft. New pricing went into effect on May 1, 2019. If you signed an agreement prior to May 1, you will be subject to the new pricing upon renewal. If you signed an agreement after May 1, 2019, your pricing has already been adjusted.

How do I determine my renewal date?

Your renewal date is listed on your NET+ DocuSign Service Schedule. If you have questions about the renewal date, please email the Carahsoft team at, the Internet2 team at, or contact your DocuSign Account Representative.

May I make changes to my existing agreement?

Yes. Internet2 will continue to service existing agreements until they expire. Additional features/options to existing subscriptions may be added by contacting the Internet2 team at
Upon renewal, your DocuSign Account Representative will work with you to identify the best pricing option based on your institution’s specific needs and usage. If you are not sure who your Account Representative is, please contact Internet2 at The renewal will be executed with Carahsoft.

Pricing and Features

Does the new contract have the same pricing schedule?

New pricing went into effect on May 1 and it is included in the new agreement.

Is pricing still structured using Tiers based on IPEDS (or other published) numbers?

Yes. However, the tier determination is based on the total population which is defined as the aggregate of total staff and faculty + FTE students which will lead to some tier changes for some of the existing subscribers.

Why are students included in the new tier model?

The total population is a metric for quantifying institution size relative to other institutions. It is a measure unit that more accurately differentiates between institutions with a large number of faculty and staff but very few students compared to institutions with smaller staff/faculty but a large student population. It’s a better measure for assessing the total population of an institution that could be involved in signing documents which then gives insight into total envelope consumption potential.

Will the enterprise subscription model continue?

Yes, the enterprise subscription model will continue (with expanded product functionality and support), however the annual fee has increased effective May 1. A three-year ramped transition option to the new enterprise subscription model will be available to all existing NET+ subscribers who executed a contract prior to May 1 and are up for renewal.

Will the new contract include unlimited envelopes under the enterprise subscription?

Yes. A unique benefit of being a part of the NET+ program will continue to be access to unlimited envelopes as part of the enterprise subscription model.

Will the limited subscription model continue?

Ala carte options will be available to universities who wish to have more limited deployments. A 40% discount off the DocuSign list prices or less depending on volume will be applied.

Will healthcare-related use cases be covered under the contract?

Healthcare use cases that fall into the research and education space are covered, however medical center/healthcare provider originated use cases for patient-related care are not. If you have specific use cases, please contact your DocuSign Account Executive or Internet2 at

More questions?

Who do I contact at Internet2 with additional questions?

Contact us at or you may contact Dana Voss, program manager for the NET+ DocuSign Program directly at or 239-776-4802.

Who do I contact at DocuSign with additional questions?

Contact your university’s DocuSign Account Executive. If you are not sure who your Account Executive is, please contact Internet2 at

Who do I contact at Carahsoft with additional questions?

Contact the Carahsoft team at

Have a question not answered here? Send an email to