Learning from the Past While Looking to the Future

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By Kevin Morooney - Vice President of Trust and Identity and NET+, Internet2

InCommon 2023 Year in Review Available Now

The past is kind enough to give you lessons. The present is kind enough to give you opportunities. The future is kind enough to give you both.

—Matshona Dhliwayo

Zimbabwean-born and Canadian-based philosopher Matshona Dhliwayo’s keen observation about the interrelationship between the past, present, and future strikes us as particularly appropriate as we reflect on 2023 and continue the work we’ve started to ensure a bright future for InCommon. (Download the InCommon 2023 Year in Review.)

Community Curated and Future Focused

Our work last year was community-curated and future-focused. In 2023, we applied lessons learned from the community as we took a fresh look at the InCommon Federation and the InCommon Certificate Service. Both represent opportunities for ongoing and enhanced support of the research and higher education community (R&E). We are excited about working with you to design services that make your institutions more secure and your lives easier, now and for many years to come. The InCommon Academy, eduroam, and the InCommon Trusted Access Platform also continued to make strides, enhancing their engagement and service offerings.

Engaging with You About the Future

Last year, we focused on engaging with our internal and external stakeholders about the future of our community and what it holds for identity and access management in R&E. Through the InCommon Futures2 strategic planning process, we’ve developed a framework to help us all chart the path forward for the next five years. We identified many lessons and opportunities along the way. 

Looking Forward to More in 2024

As busy and rewarding as 2023 was for InCommon, we expect to top that in 2024. On May 7 of this year, InCommon will celebrate its 20th birthday. Throughout this year, you’ll hear more about InCommon Futures2 and InCommon’s 20th Birthday. We will be calling the community to action on a number of initiatives and inviting you to celebrate this important milestone with us.

In the meantime, as you peruse InCommon’s 2023 Year in Review, we hope you’ll be encouraged by the lessons of the past and how far we’ve come as a community and motivated by the opportunities that lie before us in the future. Let’s get this party started.

For more highlights from 2023, you can download the entire report. For questions about the report or InCommon, contact us at help@incommon.org or incommon.org/help.  


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