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We are working with the community to enable the next 1,000 eduroam subscribers and serve K-12, too. Internet2 is expanding the eduroam service with an all new administrative interface and back end. These changes roll out at the end of 2021. Internet2 shared details of these plans during a June 30th webinar.

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It all began with US eduroam subscribers in 2008. Today, the eduroam service is deployed by nearly 1,000 colleges, universities, schools, museums, libraries, and research facilities across the country. It is also available at many more locations including convention centers, airports, music venues, state parks, and trains! Not to mention community-oriented deployments on lamp posts and school buses.

After consulting with the community through a requirements-gathering exercise in the fall of 2020, we are moving eduroam to a cloud-forward architecture that aligns with the devops methodology and design principles of the InCommon Federation to support this expansion. 

These changes go into effect at the end of this year. There is no action required from eduroam administrators at this time. Starting in June, eduroam organizations began receiving monthly updates that include additional information about the new capabilities, as well as what to expect prior to and during the transition to the new operational model.


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