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We are working with the community to enable the next 1,000 eduroam subscribers and serve K-12, too. Internet2 is moving all subscribers to a cloud-forward architecture and new configuration management portal–and the eduroam migration is currently underway!

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We are providing weekly updates on the transition. You may find more information on our Weekly Progress wiki. Briefly, here is what you need to know:

eduroam Transition Updates

We now have 859 organizations using the new eduroam Federation Manager portal.

Throughout the course of November, we will continue working with each of the remaining eduroam organizations throughout the U.S. to migrate to the new eduroam Federation Manager portal.


Week of November 29


Week of November 22

Week of November 15


Week of November 4

From Sara Jeanes, eduroam Product Manager: This week marks the eduroam migration of our first generally available organizations. I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations and thanks to everyone on this team for making this new eduroam service a reality. This is a resounding example of how Internet2, and the individual members of our collective team, can be a force multiplier for change that creates impact far and wide.



Week of October 25




You can schedule when your eduroam traffic is moved by signing up for a predefined November eduroam move date. If you do nothing, your organization’s eduroam traffic will be moved on November 30. Either way, we will verify the date/time that this change will happen with your organization’s eduroam administrator and technical contact(s). More details can be found on the Transition Wiki and watch a recent webinar about the transition.


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