April 29, 1 p.m. ET

Join us for ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Our Community’

The Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative at 8 Years

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Has it really been 8 years? In the spring of 2013, Laurie Burns McRobbie’s presentation on the alarming state of diversity in tech fields for the research and education community inspired Internet2 to create its Gender Diversity Initiative (GDI). It focused resources and attention to improve gender diversity among networking professionals who convened regularly to collaborate on the development of national and international advanced networking.

A new name in 2018, the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative (I2I), reflected a wider scope of action and focus on the cultural shifts the initiative is actively working to foster. Today, I2I celebrates 8 years and invites you to join them for an engaging discussion on diversity, equity and inclusion across our community of networking and technical professionals.

Laurie Burns McRobbie, I2I co-chair, and three former recipients of I2I scholarships spoke about how you can make a difference by fostering a diverse and inclusive environment in your organization.

The event’s three panelists (former recipients of the I2I scholarships):

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