Countdown to Community Exchange 2024: 5 Internet2 Insights You’ll Hear in Chicago (Part 3)

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By Amber Rasche - Senior Communications Specialist, Internet2

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes

In this Countdown to Community Exchange 2024 series, we’re sharing five Internet2 insights you’ll hear from Internet2 staff and community collaborators in Chicago, March 4-7.

In part three, we’re shining the light on how the latest developments in advanced networking are accelerating research and education globally. If you missed them, catch parts one and two about the future of identity and access management and translating research needs into solutions.

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Graphic for 2024 Community Exchange on March 4-7 in Chicago.

Internet2 Insight #3: Advancing R&E Globally Through Advanced Networking

Start with the 30,000-foot view of what’s new and next for Internet2 Network Services — from new and enhanced global exchange points to increased capacity for intercontinental connectivity to the latest Internet2 Insight Console features. Join Internet2’s James Deaton on March 5 for a session highlighting What Is Happening in Network Services. He’ll provide an overview of Internet2’s latest advanced networking initiatives. He’ll also preview other Network Services sessions in the CommEX24 program.

Afterward, Internet2’s Mike Simpson will present on Insight Console: Update on Current Status and Work in Progress. He’ll share more about Insight Console’s latest feature, Virtual Networks, and its current operational status. He’ll also speak about efforts underway for more Insight Console functionality in 2024.

Mike Simpson

“The Insight architecture (with Insight Console as the tip of the iceberg) isn’t a static application. It’s an evolving set of interfaces and tools improving visibility, management, and troubleshooting across all services in the Internet2 Network Services portfolio, including authorization and provisioning, member connectivity, overlay networking, and documentation and support.”

— Mike Simpson, Director of Infrastructure Systems and Software, Internet2

Additionally, Internet2’s Chris Wilkinson will share about Collaborating and Testing Innovative Architectures within the R&E Community on March 6. He’ll cover the latest developments on the Internet2 national network: hardware and software upgrades, resiliency work, and optical innovations. He’ll also announce what’s next for the North America – Research Education Exchange (NA-REX) following exchange point and international connectivity enhancements. 

Want to reap the benefits of network automation? Beyond the tech, look to the human element and prepare to embrace NetDevOps. Internet2’s Shannon Byrnes and Mike Simpson will join Dustin Mouton, University of Arizona, and AJ Ragusa, Indiana University GlobalNOC, to offer their perspectives on Building a NetDevOps Team on March 7. They’ll share philosophies, first-hand experiences, and lessons learned in building a team from the ground up.

Shannon Byrnes

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard questions like ‘Do I hire developers or train my engineers to code?’ or ‘How do I help my team overcome distrust automating parts of their day-to-day job?’ These questions are so important, and our panelists are excited to share their experiences.”

— Shannon Byrnes, Senior NetDevOps Engineer, Internet2

As we see it, routing security is an integral component of cybersecurity for every network operator. Internet2’s Steven Wallace will present the latest about Routing Integrity on March 5. During the session, he’ll shed new light on a growing issue that should be top of mind for campus CISOs and CIOs: Where is your network traffic really going? He’ll also share best practices to optimize BGP configurations and align intended route policy with real-world implementations. In case you missed it, this session follows a Community Update on RPKI-ROA Adoption led by ARIN.

Meanwhile, look to the future of wireless networking. Citizens Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) offers a new cost-effective opportunity for campuses to own and operate fully private LTE, 5G mobile, and fixed wireless broadband networks. Internet2’s Jeff Reel will join other Future Wireless Working Group members to share about R&E Deployments of CBRS-based Neutral Host Networks on March 6.

Up Next

Stay tuned later this week for part four of our Countdown to Community Exchange. We’ll preview the insights Internet2 staff will share at CommEX24 about expanding access and supporting the underrepresented and underserved.