Countdown to Community Exchange 2024: 5 Internet2 Insights You’ll Hear in Chicago (Part 2)

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By Amber Rasche - Senior Communications Specialist, Internet2

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In this Countdown to Community Exchange 2024 series, we’re sharing five Internet2 insights you’ll hear from Internet2 staff and community collaborators in Chicago, March 4-7.

 In part two, we’re exploring what it takes to translate research needs into human and technical support solutions. If you missed it, be sure to catch part one about the future of identity and access management.

Don’t miss the chance to network and shape the future of R&E.

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Graphic for 2024 Community Exchange on March 4-7 in Chicago.

Internet2 Insight #2: Fostering Collaboration to Translate Research Needs into Human and Technical Support Solutions

Higher education research has accelerated and gone global. Do you see the evidence at your institution, too? Big data, computing automation, team science, virtual laboratories, remote work, and more pose new challenges to traditional IT workflows. Fortunately, IT transformation is possible — and state, regional, and national R&E networks can help. Internet2’s Dana Brunson, John Hicks, and Timothy Middelkoop will join Scotty Strachan, Nevada System of Higher Education – System Office, and Forough Ghahramani, Edge, to lead a community discussion on Evolving R&E Engagement From REN/NRENs on March 5.

Dana Brunson

“R&E is increasingly global and adopting new technologies at a staggering pace. Traditional IT workflows are being disrupted, leaving campuses to scramble. RENs are uniquely positioned to help, but only with coordination and intention. This session aims to facilitate that coordination and begin setting that intention within the REN community.”

— Dana Brunson, Executive Director for Research Engagement, Internet2

How fluent is your IT staff in the language of research? Discover tools, resources (technical and human), and collaboration opportunities to ensure your IT modernization efforts meet the needs of your research stakeholders. Internet2’s Dana Brunson will join Jacqueline Pitter and Jon Young, Vantage TCG, and Dan Majchrzak, University of Oregon, for a session on How to Connect with Researchers and Why on March 6. Also, don’t miss the opportunity the following day to hear the latest updates from the Campus Research Computing Consortium and RCD Nexus.

Up Next

Stay tuned next week for part three of our Countdown to Community Exchange. We’ll preview the insights Internet2 staff will share at CommEX24 about advancing R&E globally through advanced networking.