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CLASS Fall 2021 Advanced Cohort

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Do you or your institution need help filling the gaps in training for cloud and research computing? Get all the details on how to prepare, what you’ll learn, how to join the class, and review the schedule. Want to learn more about the CLASS Fall Cohort? Watch an informational session about the event.

The program begins on October 12, 2021, and will be complete by January 27, 2022.

What is CLASS?

CLASS: Cloud Learning and Skills Sessions is a program that provides research computing and data professionals (those who support researchers) the necessary training to effectively leverage cloud platforms for research workflows. A combination of vendor-neutral guidance across cloud providers, and training on the tools and technologies supported by public cloud providers, allows a broad range of research use-cases to more effectively use these important resources. Participants join the CLASS community of practice where they can share information and lessons learned.

Here is what others are saying about CLASS:

“This class has been expertly conducted. It is the clearest explanation of cloud technology I have encountered.”
“The content and the way the lectures were delivered combined with quizzes, discussions, hands-on labs – all kept me fully engaged. This workshop helped me to have a unified view about the important components about Azure, AWS, and GCP services. This workshop prepared me to become a cloud champion …”
“I really valued the conversation and contributions from the others in the cohort in terms of real-world experiences with these services …”
“I really liked the compare/contrast between the services of the 3 different vendors …”
91% of the initial, pilot cohort found that “The content presented was relevant for my role.”
Participants from the first cohort of CLASS share the challenges of facilitating research during a June panel discussion. Video courtesy of the Virtual Residency Program.

How to Join

To join the CLASS Fall 2021 Advanced Cohort complete the following steps:

What Will You Learn?

The Fall 2021 Advanced Cohort will focus on advanced research computing and data professionals with existing knowledge of cloud platforms and the interest/need to develop more complex workflows that leverage advanced services and capabilities. The program will emphasize hands-on learning and utilize a cohort model for peer-to-peer learning and community.

After the successful completion of the Advanced CLASS training program, participants will:

In addition, participants will have ongoing opportunities to:

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