Announcing the 2024 Presidential Primary Sources Project Series

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By Therese Perlowski - Program Manager, Internet2 Community Anchor Program

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The Internet2 Community Anchor Program is proud to announce the new lineup for the 2024 Presidential Primary Sources Project (PPSP), a series of free, standards-aligned, 45-minute interactive videoconferencing webinars aimed at students in grades 4-12. PPSP is made possible through a partnership with the National Park Service, National Archives and Records Administration, Presidential Libraries and Museums, the Internet2 community, and cultural and historic organizations nationwide.

The series will run from January through April of 2024. In addition to the interactive video component, each program will be live-streamed and recorded for on-demand viewing for free.

With guidance from National Park Service rangers and library educators, students will learn how to use and analyze primary sources to better understand the historical legacies of our nation’s presidents.

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Register Today

Registration is now open – Visit the project website for more information and sign up today!

“These programs connect my students to the past in ways I cannot. They get a chance to interact with experts who have a wealth of knowledge and primary sources,” a former PPSP teacher participant shared. “The program was extremely informative with interesting stories and facts that would be hard to uncover without these experts.”

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Get an idea of what to expect and watch part of the recording from one of last year’s most popular PPSP sessions where Sadie Troy, manager for student learning at George Washington’s Mount Vernon, guides students through analyzing a map that George Washington drew.

View the 2024 PPSP Schedule

*All programs are live at 11 a.m. ET and 2 p.m. ET on their scheduled day and applicable to students grades 4-12.

  • Jan 16: Public Lands, Public Lens: Establishing Protected Spaces, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage and Theodore Roosevelt Center
  • Jan 18: The Lady Bird Special: A Deep Dive into Lady Bird’s Whistle Stop Campaign Tour, Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park
  • Jan 23: The Constitution and Presidential Powers, The National Archives
  • Jan 25: The Journey of Renewal: President Clinton’s 1994 State of the Union Address, Clinton Presidential Library & Museum
  • Jan 30: Happy Birthday FDR: The Life and Times of America’s 32nd President, FDR Presidential Library and Museum
  • Feb 1: Theodore Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace NHS
  • Feb 6: The Interstate Highway System, Eisenhower Foundation
  • Feb 8: The Unexpected Presidents, Harry S. Truman Presidential Library and Museum & Lyndon B Johnson Presidential Library
  • Feb 13: President Kennedy and the Civil Rights Movement, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza
  • Feb 15: A Life in Letters: Theodore Roosevelt as a Writer, Theodore Roosevelt Center
  • Feb 20: Did President Hoover’s Childhood with the Osage Nation Influence his Decisions in the White House?, Herbert Hoover Presidential Library and Museum
  • Feb 22: Portraiture and the Presidents, National Portrait Gallery
  • Feb 29: The Stages of Lincoln’s Legacy, Ford’s Theatre and National Mall and Memorial Parks
  • March 5: President Grant and the Creation of Yellowstone National Park, Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site
  • March 7: The Art of Being Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park and Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
  • March 12: Jimmy Carter & The Power of Diplomacy, Jimmy Carter Presidential Library
  • March 14: If I May, Mr. President?: Advisors from Washington’s Cabinet, George Washington’s Mount Vernon
  • March 19: Through Her Eyes: Eleanor Roosevelt & World War II, First Ladies National Historic Site
  • March 21: Understanding the New Deal, FDR Presidential Library and Museum
  • March 26: The Rise of the Cold War, The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza and the Truman Library
  • March 28: D-Day at 80: Eisenhower and the Great Crusade, Eisenhower National Historic Site
  • April 9: The Corrupt Bargain: The Election of 1824, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage
  • April 11: Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things: Truman and Civil Rights, Truman Library

Register for one or more of the Presidential Primary Sources Project’s free, interactive sessions today!

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