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Presidential Primary Sources Project

Transport your students to places that helped shape our nation’s past presidents’ lives. It’s easy to sign up for this free service, which is a partnership between Internet2, the National Park Service, and the National Archives.

View the 2024 Program and Register!

View the 2024 Program and Register!

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The Power of the Presidency

Over the course of our country’s history, the office of the President has been a defining force that capitalized the imagination of the American people. Learn about the lives and legacies of our presidents and how they shaped the past and present of our country.

Join us from Jan. 16 – April 11, 2024, to hear directly from experts at the National Park Service and Presidential Libraries to explore the legacies of presidents like Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington through primary source analysis.

Watch Recordings of the 2023 PPSP Sessions

Recordings from the sessions — held from January through April 2023 are now available! These sessions are applicable to students grades 4-12.

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