Tuesday, May 18, 12-3 p.m. ET

When We Know More, We Can Do More:
Part 2

Continuing the discussion with Avis Yates Rivers about diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Thank You for Joining Us

This special virtual session was held on May 18. It is the second in a series of ongoing conversations and discussions with the research and education community.

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This special virtual session featured a keynote address by Avis Yates Rivers, President and CEO of Technology Concepts Group International, LLC, and nationally recognized thought-leader.

In October 2020 Rivers spoke to the community and provided historical context of systemic racially motivated behavior through real-life stories using data and personal experiences with the goal of raising awareness and informing action.

Rivers focused her address to the community on the issues of equity and equality. Often, conversations derail because people use the same terms in different ways. Establishing a shared language to present data, describe conditions and outcomes, and identify root causes of inequities can make it easier to understand the issues so that we can learn and take steps to help break down barriers.

At the conclusion of the keynote, participants had the opportunity to ask questions before moving into breakout sessions on the following topics.  

At the conclusion of the program, our hope is that you have left with actionable ideas that you can take individually to support equity efforts within your organization.

Special thanks to session sponsor Radware.