Sirtfi Exercise Planning Working Group Seeks Community Input for Second Annual Cybersecurity Exercise

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By Kyle Lewis, Co-Chair, Sirtfi Exercise Planning Working Group

Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

How can we help your team enhance its knowledge and use of the Sirtfi framework, so you’re prepared to cooperate if and when a cybersecurity incident spans multiple organizations in the research and education community?

That’s the main question on our minds as the members of Sirtfi Exercise Planning Working Group (SEPWG) begin to plan for InCommon’s second annual cybersecurity exercise in November 2023. Our hope is that you’ll take just five minutes to give us some answers by completing our survey, which will be open until July 30, 2023.

InCommon is launching this survey to help inform planning for the SEPWG’s 2023 cybersecurity exercise as well as future efforts to develop and offer Sirtfi awareness and training events. The SEWPG will only use the survey to inform development of training events and share aggregated results with the InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB).

Take the Sirtfi Community Learning survey now.
Kyle Lewis
Kyle Lewis is vice president of cybersecurity strategy at InCommon Catalyst RDCT.

In 2021, the REFEDS Sirtfi security framework became part of InCommon Baseline Expectations. In 2022, InCommon offered its first community tabletop exercise for federation members to practice using Sirtfi procedures during a simulated multi-organization cyber security incident. InCommon is continuing to grow such training offerings in 2023 and in the future. 

The goal of this brief, five-minute survey is to invite members of the InCommon community to provide input to the SEPWG that will serve as a starting point for developing future federated cybersecurity training opportunities to benefit members of the federation using the Sirtfi trust framework.

The SEPWG is a group of volunteers developing federated incident response training opportunities and will be grateful for the community’s input.


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