Dropbox Education

Cloud-Based File Share Platform

Dropbox Education empowers faculty, staff, and students with easy-to-use collaboration tools.

NET+ Dropbox Education offers discounted pricing for eligible institutions and provides enhanced legal protection for student users.

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  • NET+ Dropbox Education combines the best-in-class Dropbox Education product with several unique benefits, including:

    • Discounted prices for both Internet2 member and non-member institutions – including additional discounts for student users
    • Pre-negotiated, custom contract developed by Internet2 member institutions based on the NET+ community-developed higher education customer agreement template
    • Custom developed Business Associates Agreement at no additional cost
    • Network peering to the Internet2 network
    • Online community for practice for program participants

    With enterprise-grade security, a robust administrative console, and the ability to sign BAAs for HIPAA compliance, Dropbox gives you the control and visibility you need to manage data across campus. With more than 300,000 apps hooked into the Dropbox API, Dropbox Education will integrate seamlessly into the education tools you’re already using — whether they are Learning Management Systems (LMS), Data Loss Prevention (DLP), or productivity suites like O365.

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