Our Leadership Community is Expanding! Advisory Committees Nominations Under Review for 2022

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By Netta Caligari, InCommon Community Success Manager

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Engagement is the foundation of how we operate at InCommon. We appreciate the variety of ways our community comes together to develop best practices; guide the adoption of new technologies, and identify challenges to help resolve common issues in research and education. 

One of the main avenues for driving this work is an InCommon’s Advisory Committee! More than 60 community members contribute their time and talent to help the greater good in Identity and Access Management. All of the incredible work and new developments wouldn’t be possible without the community’s passion, which is why we are excited to have our nomination process for new members in motion!

New Candidates to Contribute to Committees

We received a strong pool of candidates for the following committees, which you can read more about on our leadership page:

  • InCommon Steering Committee – engaged leaders who will help determine the strategy for InCommon and for the overall Trust and Identity area.
  • InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) – supports InCommon’s mission “to create and support a common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to online resources.”
  • InCommon Community Trust and Assurance Board (CTAB) – shepherds the community consensus, guides InCommon’s trust programs, and leads dispute resolution when concerns about participants arise.
  • Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity (CACTI) – Provide strategic architectural input to Internet2’s trust and identity projects.
  • eduroam-US Advisory Committee (eAC) – helps formulate strategies and practices for US and global research and education roaming networks. 

Committees will continue to evaluate submissions throughout the month of November and will notify nominees of their status in December. From there, those who agree to move forward will be onboarded by InCommon staff to ensure a smooth transition into their new volunteer position ahead of 2022.

Missed submitting a nomination, but still want to get involved? Keep a lookout for existing + new working groups, which seek members throughout the year! Please connect with Netta Caligari if you have questions, feedback, or ideas about how you can contribute to InCommon!