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TechEX23 Speaker Spotlight: AWS Org Management Automation for the Win

By Apryl Motley

Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Kelly Rivera and Hallah Hussein, lead cloud engineer and cloud engineer respectively,  from the University of Wisconsin Madison, will be first-time presenters at the 2023 Internet2 Technology Exchange, September 18–22, in  Minneapolis, Minn. Their session, Automating…


Internet2 Future Wireless Working Group Prepares to Issue RFP for CBRS-Driven Neutral Host Network Solutions

By Jeff Reel, Program Manager, NET+ Cloud Telecom and Networking

Research and education (R&E) institutions have long been at the forefront of deploying next generation communications technologies to both enable core-mission R&E needs and also meet the requirements of users. Indoor cellular, particularly voice coverage, has been a challenging issue for institutions that find it difficult to justify the high…