Layer 3 Services FAQ

Internet2 Peer Exchange (I2PX) FAQ

Who can connect to I2PX?

I2PX is offered to all Internet2 Network connectors, who in turn may offer it to any of their members.

How much does I2PX cost?

For Internet2 Network connectors I2PX is included in the base connection fee, so it is available at no additional cost.

Once a connector opts into the I2PX service, are they committed to using the service for a fixed period of time?

No. Once the service is established, the connector controls how much they use the service or not; they can experiment and evaluate the cost savings.

How do I request I2PX?

Contact the Internet2 Network Operation Center (NOC). Your request will be routed to an engineer, who will be assigned to work with you to set up the service, based on your particular circumstances and configuration. The NOC is reachable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year: Phone: 317-278-6622. Email:

IP Network FAQ

Do I need to be an Internet2 member to get the Advanced Layer 3 service?

Yes, you must be an Internet2 research and education member to get access to this service.

If I have an AL2S connection how do I get AL3S service?

The port has to be “converted” to an AL2S/AL3S port – it’s the same physical port, but at a different price point – and it provides access from the Layer 2 to the Layer 3 network.

Is there a minimum connection speed?

Yes: 10 Gigabits/second.

Are reports or statistics on usage available?

Yes. Here is the real-time graph showing AL3S backbone link utilization. Use this link for AL3S interface statistics.

Is there a map or diagram depicting the Layer 3 network?

Yes. See below.