Protect Your Network With RPKI

Enhance the Routing Integrity and Resilience of Your Network

For network operators in the research and education community, adopting Resource Public Key Infrastructure – Route Origin Authorization (RPKI-ROA) is a critical cybersecurity measure. RPKI-ROA helps resolve routing issues and protects networks against misconfigurations, mistakes, and malicious attacks. 

RPKI-ROA: The Easy Button for Routing Security

Routing Integrity easy button

More than 800 U.S. R&E community organizations are currently eligible to create an RPKI-ROA to protect their networks by completing a simple web form. For many, creating an RPKI-ROA will take less than five minutes. 

Is your organization RPKI-ready? View the list of RPKI-ready networks with no ROA in the U.S. R&E community.

Despite the simple process for creating an RPKI-ROA, U.S. R&E networks lag behind the global internet in RPKI adoption. Internet2 is collaborating with the R&E community to change that in 2024. 

Our goal? Boost the community’s RPKI-ROA adoption from 16% to 45%, closing the gap with the global internet. 


RPKI-ROA allows the resource holders of network IP addresses to specify the valid networks, or origin ASNs, authorized to announce their routes. Network operators can use this information to identify invalid routes, whether the result of misconfiguration or route hijacking.

More widespread adoption of RPKI-ROA means a more trusted and collaborative R&E network ecosystem — and a safer global internet for all.

By adopting RPKI-ROA, network operators can:

  • Do your part to create a more reliable and secure global internet.
  • Safeguard against malicious route hijacking attempts before they take down your network.
  • Prepare your network for the future, anticipating that today’s routing security best practices will become tomorrow’s standards.
Watch this 7-minute video to understand why protecting your network with ARIN’s RPKI service is a duty of care for network operators.

How to Create an RPKI-ROA

Creating an RPKI-ROA is easy – it’s as simple as completing one form with three fields. Join ARIN and Internet2 for a webinar at 2 p.m. ET on July 18 to learn how to Enhance Your Routing Security and Resilience of Your Network Using ARIN’s Hosted RPKI. Discover the benefits, key components, and easy steps to create your own RPKI-ROA in under five minutes.

Ready to push the metaphorical easy button for routing security? Follow along with this 5-minute step-by-step video.