Routing Integrity Measurement and Reporting

Unique insights to aid the community’s understanding in their adoption of routing integrity best practices

Route Reports

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Internet2 first developed its unique route reports in 2021 to aid the community’s understanding of their progress in adopting Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security (MANRS) and other best practices for routing integrity. These reports provide Internet2 Connectors and campus network operators with a per-route view of how routing policies are documented and announced via Internet Routing Registries such as ARIN and RADb.

The Route Reports are new and improved in 2023! They provide new insights into inconsistencies and misalignments with best practices, including details on:

Routing Integrity Assessments

The Internet2 Routing Integrity Assessment service gathers information on an organization’s deployment of 35 capabilities and practices that support routing integrity. These controls range from enforcing multi-factor authentication for configuring network devices to keeping network “whois” records up to date.

The assessment uses a questionnaire that was developed by Internet2 and tailored to the needs of the research and education community. The questionnaire is completed by an organization initially to establish a baseline for its routing integrity and then annually to track progress over time.

The completed questionnaire serves two purposes:

  1. provides the participating organization with a measure of its current routing integrity control status and serves as a guide for future deployment of controls, and
  2. assists Internet2 in identifying opportunities for further outreach and education to help the broader community adopt routing integrity best practices and capabilities.